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1)The Army Special Forces( Para SF): The first Para SF battalion was set up on 1st July, 1966 from the Meghdoot Force, a commando unit used for combat operations in the 1965 war.
The Para SF are based off the UK 22nd SAS regiment, as are most of the world's special forces, including the elite SFOD-D. These elite soldiers have been the tip of the spear of Indian armed interventions in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Their most successful operation has been securing all the islands of Maldives from PLOTE mercaneries. Over 1200 paratroopers and special forces soldiers HALO'd in at night, took very few casualties and drove the mercenaries to the shores, where they were intercepted by the navy. In Kashmir, they work frequently with MARCOS and the Rashtriya rifles in counter- insurgency operations. Many Indian military leaders feel that the Para Commandos are being wasted in these operations, and that they should rather perform operations in foreign countries.The commandos also frequently take part in competitions, where they have won 7 times out of 8, a record.

Don't mess with these guys.

2)MarCos(Marine Commandos): Before the MarCos came into existence, Indian navy divers provided basic underwater demolition skills to Bengali insurgents during the Bangladesh liberation war. Army units were also assigned amphibious operations. The Navy then seeked to create an amphibious commando unit like the US Navy SEALs and the British SBS.  Three Navy officers were sent to train with the SEALs and then received further CQC skills from the elite SAS. These officers formed the nucleus of the MCF( Marine Commando Force). Their training is similar to that of Para Commandos, with expectedly more emphasis on scuba and underwater demolitions.  Marcos operators and Para commandos work joint operations in J&K. Marcos has conducted over 100 counter piracy operations in the Arabian Sea and around the HOA. Expectedly, the Indian Navy holds captive over 120 Somali pirates, the most by any country.
Marcos operators with new camouflage and MP-5 SMG.

3)Garud Commando: The latest Special Forces Unit on the block, it is yet to see any action. The operators are tasked with protecting airfields and nuclear bases around the country. They have also participated in disaster relief operations, most notably in evacuating trapped citizens in the Uttarakhand floods, 2013. They are currently deployed in Congo as part of the UN PKF. They have the responsibility to rescue downed airmen, trapped soldiers and other special forces soldiers, like the USAF ParaJumpers(PJs). During wartime, it is their job to conduct lightning raids and capture enemy airbases. It is probably the smallest SF unit in India, with a size of less than 2000 airmen. Aspiring airmen undergo the longest training among all of Indian SF units, but this training also includes their basic training.

Ghatak Platoon, or Ghatak Commandos, is a special operations capable infantry platoon. There is one platoon in every infantry battalion in the Indian Army. Ghatak is a Hindi word meaning "killer" or "lethal". They act as shock troops and spearhead assaults ahead of the battalion.
Their operational role is similar to Scout Sniper Platoon, STA platoon of the USMC and the Patrols platoon of the British Army.


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