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There are billions of people on the planet walking around, going about their days and generally doing the things that people who are alive do. Out of those billion, half of them are women – beautiful women who enjoy and relish good flirtatious interactions.There's a misconception floating around, perpetuated by society that beautiful women don't like getting approached by men. And that's a falsehood – they like being approached by men. But they only like it when you approach them correctly — if you try to seduce them on a unicycle while hooting and hollering at them– it's most likely not happening. If you know the right way to go about it, it's on. Here are some quick tips to remember.

Just Go Out and Do It

Vague advice, yes. But get motivated. People don't make changes in their lives unless they're highly motivated. You don't get that way by sitting in your house, making vague and hollow promises about altering your life. That's how you get Cheetos dust on your clothes. Chances are, you've read a lot of articles on the internet. A lot of articles about picking up beautiful women. But unless you have the motivation to actually put those concepts into practice, you're wasting a lot of time not implementing.You're either doing it, or you're not. Put down your computer. If you have a Dating  for Dummy's, throw it out the window and collect it after last call. Make a schedule about going out and doing it every day – consistency is your friend. The people who get the best at this get that way because they operate very consistently – gaming is part of their life. It's programmed in them. Psyche yourself up and attack.


Find Areas With High Pedestrian Traffic

Or if you're going out at night, clubs that are bumping. It's good to approach a few women, but it's much better to approach dozens of them. There are dozens of women out there, waiting for you to approach them. They're in book stores, tourist destinations, shopping centers, spas, and on the street. Find where they are – every city has a spot for it. Find out what clubs are good on which nights, and go. If you don't know where to look, you'll never find what you're looking for.

Open Conversations Immediately

As soon as you walk into any venue start approaching women and men by opening conversations. If you're in a casual, day-to-day environment such as a coffeeshop or bookstore, ask a simple question like if they recommend something for you to orderor if they have a suggestion for a new item. When greeted and approached warmly people are happy with the approach as it is a nice change in their mundane routine. If you're having a night out don't wait around for someone to talk to you or you might end up waiting through the entire evening. A casual greeting to a group of people near you is usually all you need to get the ball rolling and you will be surprised how open they are to meeting others. A lot of times, that serious man or woman is just waiting for someone else to engage them, just like you were.

Always Sort Out Your Logistics

Fixing your logistics means aligning the different variables you find in particular social situations. You're in a coffee shop, and see a beautiful woman who is seated. What do you do? You could take a seat next to her, quickly greet her, then get coffee, do some non-verbal communication from across the shop like making eye contact and smiling – but you're able to do that because she's seated. Talking louder in noisy venues, being able to speak to them comfortably, intercepting street traffic because you're able to discern walking patterns – it's just as important to take these things into account as basic conversation skills and good openers. Situations dictate interactions just as much as the content does. So account for them, and try to control them.


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