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Although most states permit breastfeeding in public, the subject is Quite Often Fraught and cans result in a serious amount of conflict. Such is the case with two New Jersey mothers , Who Are claiming That employees at a Dunkin 'Donuts franchise Because They Called the police breastfeeding were the resource persons in the presence of other customers. One of the mothers says her friend That toll was to "shut up" by the police - in front of her children. 

Dunkin 'Donuts is denying the claim; as They eloquently wrote on Their Facebook page,

"We have looked into the matter Concerning two moms at a DD store in NJ & have confirmed the employee was responding to another customer's complaint That wasn't related to breastfeeding. None of the DD employees challenged the guests about breastfeeding and all must comply DDS w / local, state and federal laws w / regard to nursing mothers. Our top priority is always to Provide an excellent experience for our guests. "

Also Jezebel reports That the issue of May have been one of her mothers That was changing the baby's diaper on or near the table - the which would be more egregious if it wasn't Also for the fact That there was no diaper changing table in this Dunkin ' Donuts. And Also It would be helpful for the employees of any restaurant in New Jersey to know That breastfeeding in public is completely legal.

The whole situation is Hazy, but the comments on the Consumerist blog post show That there are many, many people are uncomfortable with the WHO breastfeeding in public. I've selected a sample choice here:

"Good, do not do that stuff in public, it's disgusting."

"When are you people going to Realize That breastfeeding a baby in public is only acceptable if the mom is SUPER hot??"

"Stupid question but why Would anyone breastfeeding Want To drink coffee anyway Is not caffeine in the infant a bad thing? Again I have no issues with breastfeeding I just find it odd That breast feeding women are going to boycott DD maybe Pls That Would be a good thing for the babies anyway. "


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