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  • USA: Great education with expensive healthcare. Visas are difficult to obtain but possible. The land of expectations. The place where everyone has a relative or so. Hollywood.
  • UK: Great universities with ancient reputation. Also, had some great scientists in the past. London. The big ferris wheel. Scottish bagpipers. Doctor Who. A lot of Indians travel there. English premiere league. Drum n Bass. Fish and Chips. Not so easy to get a work permit. Pound. They care a little too much about the royal family.
  • Canada: Like USA, but much colder with a little more Indians. People in some regions speak French too. Maple Syrup. Niagara Falls.
  • Mexico: Warm. Sombreros. Tacos. Guns. Drugs. People illegally immigrating to the USA. Has a holiday destination called Cancun.
  • Switzerland: Damn expensive but worth going to. Snowy Alps. Cheese. Chocolate. Swiss army knives. Dream location for Bollywood movies. Some UN stuff going on there. And yes, CERN.
  • France: Great food. Matchless wines. Rich culture. Paris. Possible language problems for a foreigner visiting the place. Da Vinci's Code. Generic European monuments. Artists or a art, in general. Creativity.
  • Italy: Marvellous architecture. Stupendous art. Pasta, pizza and Italian food in general. Rome. Colosseum. Venice. Gondolas. Some car companies. Gladiators. Fashion conscious people following fashion shows in Milan. Tuscany.
  • Germany: Super techie. Ultra systematic. Great automobile companies. Second destination for Indian students after the US. Beer. Rammstein. 
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam. Party destination. Legality of marijuana. Girls. Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Electronic Music. DJs.
  • Belgium: Netherlands with a different name. Waffles. Chocolate. Beer. Tomorrowland. Still can't find it on the map.
  • Norway: Cold. North Pole. Northern lights. Great economy due to its rich oil reserves.
  • Sweden: Much like Norway. Great economy. Super efficient. Ran out of garbage to recycle once. Notorious for using a lot of alphabets which most of us don't understand. A Girl With A Dragon Tattoo.
  • Israel: A technically adept state with an institute called Technion. Conflict with Palestine. Has a lot of historical stuff related to Jesus Christ. Jews. A dangerous place to travel to.
  • Lebanon: Hamas. Has a French influence on its culture. In state of disturbance. Their national tree which is on almost every Lebanese product. Lebanese food. Has more people outside the state in other countries than inside it. Has something going on with Israel.
  • Turkey: Where east meets the west. Mosques and churches populating the same place. An interesting combination though. Istanbul.
  • UAE: Dubai. Rich arabs who own oil wells. Shopping. A popular tourist destination for the Indians.
  • Saudi Arabia: Oil. Arabs. Sheikhs.
  • Afghanistan: Osama. Taliban. War with the US. They destroyed that big Buddha statue. Kandahar hijacking incident. In state of control, but still needs a lot of time to come up.
  • Pakistan: A state on its way to self destruction. Has got serious problems with India. Has been ever after Kashmir thinking that its a panacea for all their problems. Orthodox culture. Not at all safe to travel to.
  • Nepal: It should be spelled India instead. Another popular tourist destination. Kathmandu. Mount Everest. They have a royal family too, I guess.
  • Bangladesh: Like Pakistan, but without any expectations. A manufacturing unit for major fashion labels. Illegal immigrants to India.
  • Bhutan: Oblivious. Beautiful landscape with a Buddhist influence. Small. Why do you have a dragon on your flag?
  • Sri Lanka: Some place with a lot of Tamils. Has a cricket team with weird names for cricketers. LTTE. Might turn out to be beautiful if visited.
  • Singapore: A lot of Indians go there. A great tourist destination. Has weird regulations though which are too strict for comfort.
  • Malaysia: Usually comes in as an added destination for a tourist package to Singapore. Some place like Singapore. Petronas Towers.
  • Thailand: Bangkok. Black market. A haven for Indian gangsters. Pattaya's notoriety. Thai food.
  • China: Made in China. Lots of people. Weird street food. Buddhism. Monasteries. Great Wall of China. Electronics. Communism. A probable enemy for India in the future. Buildings with distinguished roofs usually found in other country's chinatowns. They are all over the world like Indians.
  • Japan: One word, respect. They are the most awesome people who have built their nation up from ground zero multiple times. Have got a special place for mannerism and family values. Weird food. Sushi. Tokyo's nightlife. People living in small places. Chopsticks.
  • Russia: Putin. Vodka. St. Petersburg. Was in a Cold War with the US, probably is even now. Something suspicious about the way this country works. USSR. Cold. Siberia. Has sold a lot of weapons to India. Avoid flights that involve a changeover in Russia.
  • North Korea: Fascinated with nuclear power though it won't ever be able to use it. Communist? A pain in the ass for the US. A place of no return.
  • South Korea: Seoul. Psy. K-Pop. Urban Skyline. Asiana Airlines.
  • Australia: Kangaroos. A really competitive cricket team. Sydney's opera house. A really weird accent. Probably racist, because a lot of Indians were getting beaten up in this place around some point of time. They took our World Cup yet again. Great Barrier Reef. Black Mamba.
  • New Zealand: Kiwis (the bird, not the fruit). They again have an awesome cricket team. Also, a weird accent. Picturesque landscape with a lot of green and blue.
  • Venezuela: Angel falls. Their Miss World contestants used to be really competitive at some point of time.
  • Colombia: Don't ask. They have some weird tradition of having sex with donkeys according to some Youtube video.
  • Peru: Machu Pichu. Andes. Incas. Llamas.
  • Brazil: Football. The song. A developing nation like India. One of the BRICS nation. Christ the Redeemer looking over Rio De Janeiro. Amazon. Maybe, anacondas. Carnivals.
  • Argentina: Football. Messi. Maradona.
  • Algeria: There was this one musician (Khaled, I guess) who composed the song "Didi".
  • Libya: They had a political awakening recently. A lot of serious stuff going on there.
  • Egypt: Pyramids. The Sphinx. Deserts. Hieroglyphics. Cleopatra. Mummies. Camels. Urban Cairo. Belly dance. That Lucky Ali song is all we know about the landscape of Egypt.
  • Kenya: They show up every 4 years on the World Cup.
  • Somalia: Pirates that are known for kidnapping random people. And then the government has to do something about it.
  • Zimbabwe: Their currency sucks. Also, like Kenya, the show up every 4 years on the World Cup.
  • South Africa: The best of Africa. Had apartheid problems in the past, about which Mahatma Gandhi did something. Nelson Mandela. Splendiferous cricket team. Beautiful landscape. Safaris.


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