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Who gets more pleasure in Sex, Man or Woman? :
Once Yudhishthir asked Bhishma:  ‘Rajan! While having sex, who gets more pleasure, man or woman? Kindly tell me.'

It is a difficult question. This question can only be answered by that single individual who has enjoyed sex in the capacity of man and woman both.

 Bhishma did not reply this question directly to Yudhisthhir. He narrated an old instance of king Bhangaswanhaas.
Bhishama said: O, the lion among men!  Bhangaswanhaas got hundred sons from his queen.  It was the gift of the yagya; he had organized at a big way for the same but had not invited Indra, among gods. This made Indra annoyed and he started finding fault in the king to take revenge for his insult.

Once, King Bhangaswan went to jungle for hunting. Indra started devising a plan to seek his revenge. He mesmerized the king and misguided him.  The confused king lost the knowledge of directions in the thick jungle. The king was badly tired of running continuously after the animals for hunting. While searching his way he saw a big and beautiful pond full of pure blue water. He could not resist himself to take bath in the fresh water of the pond. He descended from his horse. got him drink water first and then tied it to a tree. After that he entered into the water of the pond and took first dip. But what a surprise! When he came out he found himself as a woman. His all manly organs were changed into woman’s organs. Even, he started behaving like a woman.  The worried king was ashamed of going back to his kingdom. However, he retuned back to his capital. Every body was surprised to see him changed into a woman. He narrated the whole story before them.   He handed over the responsibility of his kingdom to his sons and left for jungle. The she king lived with a saint there as his wife and gave birth to hundred sons. When they became young ‘she’ sent them to ‘her’ capital to live with their royal brothers happily.   Indra found this moment as a good opportunity to take revenge of his insult. He created friction among the sons of two fathers of the ‘She King’. They had a battle among them ,which destroyed them all.

When the ‘She King’ came to know about this loss, ‘she’ went to the Indra and told him that ‘she’ never insulted him knowingly. It was just a case of slip of memory. Indra was convinced of his clarification and asked whether ‘she’ wants to be a man again? But to his surprise, the ‘She King’ did not opt for a change.  Indra was surprised of ‘her’ answer and asked the reason.

‘She’ replied, ‘O king of gods! The pleasure of sex I had as a woman was unparallel. A man cannot think of this enormous heavenly enjoyment, what a woman has during conjugation.  I don’t want to lose this great source of pleasure.  I select to remain a woman for the rest of my life than to regain my lost manhood. .’


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