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If everything goes according to Shamees Aden's plan, you may one day never need to buy another pair of running shoes.
The designer and biotech researcher unveiled her product concept, a collaboration with a University of Southern Denmark professor, at London's Wearable Futures conference. The shoes are 3D-printed using protocells -- molecules that are not alive but can be combined to create living organisms -- and conform to the wearer's foot like a second skin. After a run, they'd need basic care, like a houseplant, and they could also respond to pressure exerted by the wearer, inflating or deflating as needed to better cushion the foot. The technology needed to create a fully functioning prototype, however, is still about 20 years away.

The Amoeba surface-adapting trainer is a conceptual prototype that seeks to probe the future of new materials derived from Protocells. 
The study of protocells is a new and emerging science that has the potential to drastically revolutionise the way we make materials. Essentially protocells blur the gap between the non-living and the living. Engineering the emergence of life from lifeless liquid chemicals manufactured artificially in the laboratory could provide the building blocks to create a new-made nature. 

She believes that we are on the cusp of a material revolution led by emerging living technologies. Science is becoming the future designer's toolbox. She is currently working scientist Dr Martin Hanczyc from the University of Southern Denmark to fabricate a tangible trainer for 2050


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