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Rajendra Chola the legend, at one point of time ruled the area as big as India. bay of Bengal called as Chola lake.... Their influence on bay of Bengal is well written and astounding

He had a Great naval force on the subcontinent,  They changed many political history by defeating the well known kingdoms

he is the only Indian origin king to expedite overseas, especially Indo China region ...

In India , South indians history is not given a enough importance, as per our educational system, indian history is limited to mauriyas, Gupta, mugals, Sultans and Rajputs

Indians never learn, much about the great kingdoms like Hoysala,rastrakuta, Satvaghna's, Pandya, Chera, Pallava, Chola, kakatiya's, Western and eastern Chalukya's, Pala, Solenkis, Vijayanagara...etc

We need to localize the History Book,.... people should first learn about history of their neighborhood.. Northeast people should taught about their history along with indian mainstream history.... In Tamil nadu student should taught about history of their locality along with mainstream history....

teaching of history in india is really in a pathetic condition, we have to look beyond wars and conflict... teaching should focus on living style and way of living, governing structure and their success/failure,  impact of those kings and kingdom in the present time..etc

Also remember, we don't spend much in our history, whatever we know is told by british.. so i doubt the credibility.. so we can do nothing about it

I really surprised by John Dowers way of teaching in MIT... you can feel the impact of the history on our day to day life.... also we can imagine the living style of our ancestors... but it is really missing in our history books

He shows the painting and photos, he collected many post cards of history, which shows much story than word..


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