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Pratibha Patil,  (born December 19, 1934, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India), Indian lawyer and politician who was the first woman to serve as president of India (2007–12).

Patil earned a master’s degree in political science and economics at Moolji Jaitha College, Jalgaon, and later received a law degree from Government Law College, Mumbai (Bombay). She joined the Indian National Congress (Congress Party) and entered politics in 1962 as a member of the Maharashtra legislative assembly.

1. Ms. Patil used Indian government's money to take useless foreign trips with her grandchildren. When they are on travel, Presidents are supposed to meet foreign dignitaries and improve diplomatic relationships & cultural exchange. In her foreign trips, her huge extended family travels at taxpayer's expense to tourist spots. 22 trips and $40 million in travel expenses. Even when she traveled in India, she seemed to like beaches more than people ;-)

2. As a parting gift to the nation, Patil pardoned over 35 convicts on a death row - with no real justification. These included a few brutal child rapists.http://articles.timesofindia.ind...

3. She has allegedly misused Indian government's money to build a mansion on a 260,000 sq.ft plot, in a land belonging to war widows. This act (of using government money to build a retirement home post-Presidency) was unprecedented.

4. Most importantly, during her Presidency of 5 years, she has precisely done nothing. In contrast, her predecessor Dr. Kalam was widely respected and took bold political moves to keep the government on track. Paired with a toothless Prime Minister, she proved doubly disastrous for India.

5. She did a self-appraisal and announced 300% Salary hike for herself as well as vice-president.

6. Her image had already been tarnished even before she took the role. Her predecessor is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who is very highly revered among Indians. When Mrs. Patil became president instead of him, needless to say, Indian citizens did not welcome the decision. And then her actions further fueled their anger.


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