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The history of the milk bath begins with Indian many King and Queens and Cleopatra, whom we all know has been renowned by historians for her wit, radiant beauty and fluid sexuality.

 According to legend, queen's insisted on bathing in milk and honey in order to preserve her youth and beauty.history tells An Indian queen used to travel with 100 donkey, she was used to take bath only in donkey milk . History tells she was most amazing and beautiful queen , here beauty made many kings and prince to love here and loose battles.

Of course, like most ancient fashionistas she also understood the power of aromatherapy. Therefore, it's not surprising that her famous milk baths were often perfumed with Jasmine essential oil, rose essential oil or rose water. It is also no stretch of the imagination to consider the fact that Cleopatra most likely shared baths with both her lovers, Caesar and Mark Anthony.

Today's modern science has affirmed the effectiveness of Cleopatra's beauty routine. We now know that Cleopatra's famous milk baths were so effective at maintaining her skin's radiance because of the high levels of Lactic Acid present in milk and most other dairy products.
Known for its anti-aging properties Lactic Acid has the following skin health benefits:
  • Prevents sun damage and premature skin aging as a result of sun exposure
  • Stimulates collagen production within the skin cells
  • Is a highly effective astringent on sensitive skin
  • Rejuvenates and exfoliates the surface layers of the skin
  • Is highly effective at moisturizing all skin types
  • Can help treat acne through its antibacterial properties

Fun Fact: During religious ceremonies, the priestesses of Ancient Greece used to immerse white doves in rose water and then release them to sprinkle rose water over the gathering as a representation of the blessings of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.


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