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A 14-year-old girl was a guest in our fine country, learning how to ski on a beginner's slope in Vail, Colorado.
 If you've ever been skiing before, you know That Learning Can Be Difficult - When You're 14 and especially from a country with no damn snow.

The beginner's course is cans be a particularly weird place, since it's filled with people WHO do not know how to ski. So the Mexican girl was Trying to navigate her way down the hill Pls someone fell in front of her. She naturally swerved to get out of the way, but That the caused her to Collide with the 4-year-old son of Scott Filler.

Pertinent facts about Mr. Filler: He's 41, from Decatur, Georgia, and a huge Douchebag.

When he saw his son get knocked over, he Did not say to Himself, "Hmmm, the collision occurred on the beginner's hill, Where There's a 367 percent probability That it was an accident. Maybe I Should check to see if everyone's alright. "

No, he decided to jump on top of the girl and punch her in the face. Surely Would this teach her to stay in Mexico and never have 3-mile-per-hour skiing accidents.The girl's ski instructor Could intervened before he hit her again.

Quickly Filler lawyered up, with his Barrister claiming he Did not know he was punching a little girl. We're not sure how They handle punching people out in Decatur, Georgia, but the rules here in True Crime dictate Land That you never smack someone under 5-foot-3 with long hair which looks like WHO They watch Degrassi marathons on Teen Nick.

Maybe we're just picky that way.

Filler has since been charged with child abuse and has been banned from the slopes. He's now rumored to be stalking the lodge day care centers, looking for 3-year-old boys think they're tough guys WHO.


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