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it may me inspired by the james bond movie or any sci-fi movies. but it will help the scuba divers to breath like a fish inside the water for longer period of time.

this device act like fish gill , it takes water and extracts oxygen from water in and supplies oxygen to the diver .

this is advantage for many of divers and scientist to stay in water for more time and do work.
oxygen tanks would not given sufficient time to divers or scientist more time to be in water for more time to do work .
While it may not be as slick as a rebreather, designer Jeabyun Yeon, who came up with the concept, believes it will change the way people approach water.
To use Triton, swimmers would bite down on a plastic mouth piece.
Two arms, which branch out to the sides of the scuba mask, have been developed to function as gills. 

The scaly texture on the arms conceals small holes in the material where water is sucked in.
Chambers inside separate the oxygen and release the liquid so that the user can breathe comfortably in the ocean.
Using a very small but powerful micro compressor, the system compresses oxygen and stores it in tanks.
The gadget is powered by micro battery around 30 times smaller than a battery.
Using a very small but powerful micro compressor, the concept system would compress oxygen and store it in tanks.
The entire gadget is powered by micro battery which is around 30 times smaller than a current battery that can quickly charge 1,000 times faster.
But you may have to wait a little longer before placing an order as the product is still at concept stage.
Mr Yeon describes it as ‘a future product’ that could one day replace complicated scuba equipment.


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