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It is Rs 2,000 per hour if you are a young man with Masters degree and Rs 5,000 for the same job if you are blessed with striking good looks.
The sexist tone of this offer may baffle young job aspirants but to qualify for this special job, you need to spruce up your looks and not your CV before the interview.
Young men in Ahmedabad are waking up to the advantages of manhood, thanks to the "awareness" created by Vicky Donor, the 2011 film starring Ayushumann Khurrana and Annu Kapoor, and a series of posters put up by a company asking "semen donors" to contact its office.

Mehul (name changed), a 21-year-old man, is making quick bucks by selling his sperm on a regular basis. It took Mehul a phone call to a given phone number printed on a poster pasted outside Gujarat University to discover the new source of income.

"I was called to the company's lab near VS Hospital and asked to give my sperm and blood sample along with two passport size photographs and a copy of an identity proof," Mehul said.
Three days after depositing the documents and samples, Mehul got a call from the lab informing him that he could start donating sperm from that day itself.
New sperm banks are opening up on a regualr basis as there are currently no regulations governming sperm donation
"I donate three to five times a month and get Rs 500 per donation," Mehul said, adding that the rate varies according to the qualification and looks of the donor.
"While someone with a professional degree and good features can get up to Rs 5,000 per donation, the rate for a postgraduate donor is around Rs 2,000," he said.
"For students it could be anything up to a thousand rupees depending on the looks," he added.
Though Mehul has found an easy way to supplement his pocket money, he faces the same dilemma as Vicky donor when it comes to disclosing the source of his income.
"Please don't mention my name," he told Mail Today while sharing his experience at the lab. Health experts, however, see this as an unhealthy trend with dangerous repercussions.
"Such local sperm banks are on the rise and there are no laid out legal regulations for them," said Dr. Himanshu Bhavishi, director, Santan Semen Bank.
"The local sperm banks collect sperm for compensation as low as Rs 50 at times, which signifies the low quality of sperms which often go unchecked," Bhavishi said, adding that sperms are a major source of infections, including HIV/AIDS, so people should exercise extra caution while sourcing them.
"The Indian Council for Medical Research is meeting on July 3 to discuss and formulate guidelines, which would regulate sperm donation across the country," said Dr Manish Banker, infertility specialist from Pulse Hospital.


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