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Audi has released details of its research into automotive lighting, which includes OLED swarming systems and a laser-based warning system, ahead of the technology's integration into future vehicles.

While vehicle lighting is traditionally not at the forefront of most buyers' minds, Audi's upcoming technology promises to change that with some innovative systems the company claims will help improve road safety in future models.
Of the announced research projects, the most impressive is the OLED swarm. Using organic light-emitting diodes, the rear surface of the vehicle is transformed into a single continuously illuminated surface on which a large number of small points of light fluctuate - like a swarm of bees or a shoal of fish.
Movements of the lights take their orientation from movements of the vehicle, so when a right turn is performed the lights flow tot he right and when the brakes are applied they flow rapidly forwards. The faster the vehicle is travelling, the faster the dots move - providing, Audi claims, useful feedback for following drivers.

Additionally, Audi has released details of a wipe-action indicator system which uses a horizontal row of LEDs to provide improved feedback, matrix beam technology headlights for targeted illumination without a swivelling mechanism, and a laser-beam warning triangle which is projected into the air as an alternative to traditional fog lights.
Audi warns that many of the technologies it has announced are still on the drawing board, but claims that production implementations should be forthcoming - pointing to its use of LED headlamp technology on its A6, A7 Sportback and A8 vehicles as proof of its capabilities.


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