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India researchers have had considerable success in treating a wide range of chronic ailments with magnet-therapy-arthritic conditions, migraine, kidney-stone, gastric, ulcer, paralysis and mental retardation.
The South pole (Marked 'S' or colored blue) in therapy:
The south pole is cooling and inhibitory in action. It is useful in treating inflammatory, conditions like arthritis, spondylitis, prostatitis; it arrests the growth of tumors and controls bacterial infections. It is indicated in eczema and ringworm, epilepsy, insomnia and mental retardation.
The north pole (marked 'N' or colored red) in therapy:
The north pole is augmentative and is indicated for weakened muscles or tissues as in constipation, paralysis, hernia, tingling or numbness.
Magnetized water:
Drinking magnetized water is an important part of treatment. Water that has been exposed to a magnetic field is wonderful therapeutic agent. This is because the hydrogen ion (electrical charge) activity is accelerated when water is magnetized. Drinking this water this water regularly improves health Soviet scientists have found magnetized water very god for dissolving kidney stone.
Method of preparing magnetized water:
Take a flat or square white glass bottle. Fill it with about two glasses of drinking water. Take two red-blue flat rectangular encased magnets. Place the blue part (south pole) of the one magnet against one side of the bottle and the red part of the other on the opposite side. Tie them to keep them in place. Place the bottle in such a way that the blue parts of both magnets face earth's south pole and the red the north. Do this at night. Drink this water on the next day about half a glass three or four times. Repeat the same procedure daily.
The magnet as an aid to beauty:
The south pole (blue side), when applied to the forehead and cheeks, keeps the muscles taut thus preventing wrinkles (the south is cooling and contracting in effect); it also prevents pimples. The south pole applied to the forehead soothes the mind and produce a more refreshing sleep, which is vital for health and beauty.

Eye care:

Dip two large wads of cotton wool in magnetized water and place them over the closed eyelids for tired eyes and dark rings under the eyes.
How the magnet-therapy works?
Every cell, since its activity is electro-magnetic, has a characteristic magnetic frequency. During disease, this frequency is altered. Disease is thus represented as a change in cell vibration. The magnetic field helps the cells to regain their natural frequency, which is health. Magnet-therapy, in short helps the body cells to function at their optimal level by restoring the equilibrium in the body's bioelectrical state.
Magnet-therapy, is not recent in origin. Paracelsus, the well-known Swiss physician and alchemist of the sixteenth century, was probably the first investigator of therapeutic properties of the magnet.


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