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Fancy some muscles for dinner? You could soon build them up thanks to a bizarre new set of 'fitness' cutlery which double up as dumbbells.
The chrome knife and fork would certainly make you think more carefully about what you were going to eat as they tip the scales at 2.2lbs each - the equivalent of a bag of sugar.
Meanwhile, you might have second-thoughts of tucking into pudding as the spoon weighs in at 4.4lbs, which is heavier than a 32 piece set of stainless steel cutlery combined.
The handmade cutlery has been dubbed by online seller Firebox as the perfect aid for 'gluttons in need of a work out'.
However, even the most determined dieter may baulk at the £69.99 price tag. Plus there is the added worry about wrist strain.
Despite this fitness expert Erak Simsson who runs an online coaching website, praised them for raising awareness about health and fitness.

He said: 'This is a really novel ideal which will certainly get people talking and, if nothing else, it will definitely raise awareness about fitness.

'As for its effectiveness, a lot will depend on what's on the end of the fork or spoon.

'A pizza slice alone can contain 250 calories so you'd have to do a lot of exercise to work it off.'

However, he added: 'They don't really address the issue of eating habits.

'Arms are also not the best calorie burner when it comes to exercise.'
Research shows a person weighing around 11 stone will burn off around 211 calories during an hour of light weightlifting. This means it would take them nearly three hours to burn off a chicken korma curry, while a large Big Mac meal from McDonald would take twice the time.
Firebox admitted the tongue-in-cheek creations couldn't guarantee a proper work out during mealtimes.
However, a spokeswoman said: 'This cutlery, dumbbell mix is designed for fitness fans with a sense of humour.'

Those who like the concept but don't like the price may want to take the advice of Firebox fan Liam Vernon, who commented on Facebook: 'Cable tie a brick to a 99p knife fork and spoon set, more controllable weight and a hell of a lot cheaper!'


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