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Police hunting a pervert with a fetish for skirt-wearing prep school girls have warned pupils not to wear their uniform on the subway.

Officers in Toronto fear school uniforms will make girls a target on their way to school.

But the advice has sparked a series of new sexism complaints in the city where the worldwide 'SlutWalk' protests started.

International protests were started after advice by a Toronto police officer in January.

His flippant comment that women should avoid dressing like 'sluts' to avoid being raped or victimised led to demonstrations across the U.S. and in London.

Outraged: The October 2 march in New York was organised after a NYPD officer 'advised' women not to wear short skirts after at least 10 unsolved sexual attacks have occured
The new advice from Toronto police follows reports of harassment by a man with a fetish for skirt-wearing prep school girls.

Relaying advice from police, Greenwood College principal Allan Hardy said: 'Students, especially females, should consider not wearing their school uniform when riding the TTC.'

In an e-mail to parents and teachers, he added: 'This person was looking up the girls' skirts.

'So the advice is given...if they had, for example, jeans or sweatpants on, it wouldn't be an issue.'

It came after two of Greenwood girls - both wearing a school skirt, shirt and blazer - were ogled by the man on their way to lessons.

The girls were travelling on the subway and added that the suspect had been looking up the girls' skirts.

Mr Hardy insisted the officer's advice was directed to all students and not meant to be sexist.

He said another reason for the tip is that uniformed students -both girls and boys - have been targeted by thieves assuming they come from rich families and carry expensive cellphones, cash or credit cards.

Bare breasts
Staff Sergeant Glenn Gray, of 53 Division, said the advice of students not wearing uniforms to school was meant to stop a potential sex offender from knowing where the students attend school.

'The last thing we want is for a suspect to know what school they go to,' said Sgt Gray.

Police are hunting for a skinny, white man in his 30s, around 5ft 6in tall with messy, light-brown hair.

He was wearing glasses with thick, black frames, light-coloured blue jeans, a dark denim jacket, a blue T-shirt and construction boots.


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