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A 20 stone 10-year-old has become the youngest boy ever to have a gastic band operation.
Schoolboy Ksithijj Jindger was so overweight that his parents took the drastic step of paying for weight loss surgery.
The youngster was already eight stone by the age of three - and despite his parents' best efforts to make his portions smaller he continued to balloon in size.
Ksithijj, from a wealthy suburb of Chennai, India, had been spoilt with rich, fattening meals since he was a little boy and could not stop growing.
Doctors have never carried out the dangerous surgery on anyone so young before, but surprisingly it was a success, and a year later Ksithijj has shed an amazing nine stone, making him 11stone at 11.
'We're so pleased,' said his mother. 'He used to be so overweight, we worried he might die before he saw his 11th birthday.'
Ksithijj's mother had been serving up calorie-rich curries and bread which caused Ksithijj weight to soar to a shocking fourteen stone by the time he was five.
'We did not understand we were doing the wrong thing,' she said.
'Obesity never used to be such a big problem here. He loved eating and I wanted to spoilt him, but his weight got out of hand.'
Ksithijj got so big he could not run around like other boys and got out of breath just walking a few steps, or climbing up stairs.

He weighed two and a half stone at two, and after that his weight kept growing, so he was 16.5 stone at seven, and 20-stone when he was nine and a half.
His mother and dad took Ksithijj to their GP, who told them to put him on a strict diet and exercise programme.
But the couple were so worried the diet would not work, they decided he should have gastric surgery and amazingly were able to find an Indian doctor willing to carry out the controversial op on a little boy.
Weight-loss surgery is not normally carried out on teenagers under 16 in the UK.
But in places like India, where obesity is starting to become a problem for the first time, younger and younger patients are now going under the knife.
Thankfully, the surgery helped Ksithijj lose his massive appetite, as he could no longer eat large meals, and he began having small portions of healthy, plain, vegetable dishes.
'He looks like a completely different boy now,' said his mum. 'He has grown up and yet he is half the size.
'He can play cricket with his friends now and he has started going to the gym.
'We're glad we took the drastic action, even though our GP told us it was too dangerous.
'Our GP now refuses to give medical treatment to any of the family, because he didn't agree with what we did.'
Ksithijj is still rapidly losing weight, and recently lost three stone in just three months.
He hopes to soon be the average size for his age and then to maintain his weight by staying away from calorie-ridden traditional meals.


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