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Forget the white Cinderella gown, the Prince Charming tuxedo, and the wedding procession led by a bevy of bridesmaids. And the music? Well, let's just say it will not be the standard church organ fare played the day you and your betrothed walked down the aisle. Nor should it be. For this is a traditional Hindu wedding. As such it will be steeped in elaborate ritual and appear far more exotic than anything you may have seen or experienced in the typical American wedding.

While some Indian immigrants may still travel to India for marriages that have been arranged by their families (a time-honored practice that exists even today, though it is likely to meet with rebellion if the children are westernized), many others marry in the United States. How the weddings of the latter group transpire is affected by a number of variables, including the couple's regional background if both bride and groom are Hindu and whether or not they choose to alter certain portions of the ceremony and reception if the marriage is interfaith.

While it's splitsville for Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar after three rocky years of marriage, Hollywood's celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to cement their bond further. Like Liz and Arun, who tied the knot according to Hindu customs in Jodhpur, the Brangelina couple, too, are looking to take the 'pheras' in this historic Rajputana city.
   British news portals have reported that the Hollywood royalty is planning a Hindu wedding in the New Year under the supervision of their spiritual guru, Ram Lal Siyag. Siyag (84), the founder-patron of Jodhpur-based Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra, neither confirmed nor denied the news.
    The Siddha Yoga guru, who is said to have played a key role in bringing peace and harmony into the jet-set lives of Jolie and Pitt, is unconcerned about his name being bandied about in the western media. His disciples, too, refuse to disclose any details about the glamour wedding.
    News websites have also reported that Guru Siyag initiated the star couple into the Hindu way of life by giving them a mantra, which they are to recite every morning and evening. The mantra, sources who are close to Jolie and Pitt say, has helped them in their relationship.
"Gurudev has been to the United States a few times and has many disciples there who not only follow his path of spiritual awakening through mantra-chanting and meditation but also organise siddha yoga camps,'' said a disciple.
    In addition, a lot of spiritual aspirants get online 'deeksha' through YouTube videos for the divine benefits of 'kundalini' awakening. "We do not keep a tab on each follower of Guru Siyag,'' says Kuldeep Ratnoo, a disciple, refusing to say anything about the proposed wedding.


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