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Vampires are probably not mythical creatures anymore — Melbourne 'vampire' Kriss Poison drinks her husband's blood as an expression of love.

"It is a loving power. It is all about love. When you love a person you can take from them, and they can take from me," quoted Poison as saying. She's not the only one though — Poison believes that as many as 300 Australians share her gruesome habit.

Researchers say the internet has enabled disparate individuals around the world to meet and reinforce spiritual beliefs based on traditionally "dark" mythical forces such as vampires and werewolves.

The body of a vampire is technically dead by human standards. It can be said that a vampire's body is in a state of arrested decay, animated by a supernatural force or spirit residing in its corporeal form, and kept vital by some magical energy that some refer as ichor.

Vampires usually appear as "normal" humans do, unless they are aroused by bloodlust or enraged. In such cases, the appearance of two, reticulating canine-like fangs may be seen; accompanied by red eyes and a rather predacious countenance.
Vampires to do not cast their reflections on mirrored surfaces (although they do cast shadows).

Their images cannot be captured on film, videotape, or digital video. Likewise, the sound they make (vocal or otherwise) cannot be captured on either digital or analog recording devices. vampire requires fresh human blood for sustenance. Human blood is the preference of all vampires, although they can sate themselves on lower mammalian forms of life for short periods of time. New or "young" vampires need to feed once every two nights in order to sustain their existence.

The necessary amount of human blood consumed during feeding varies between one-half and one full quart. Some "older" vampires and Vampire Regents can resist their bloodlust and survive for longer periods without feeding; sometimes over a span of several weeks to a whole month.

However, a vampire deprived of viable sustenance for protracted amounts of time will rapidly "age" until it reaches its actual age - ordinarily proving to be fatal, as most vampires are older than the average human lifespan. In theory then, it is possible to "starve" a vampire into destruction. The inherent flaw in this method of destroying a vampire is that the vampire hunter may have to endure while waiting for what could be days or weeks.


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