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Bill Gates

bill believes that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence, you can achieve anything.

In school, he had an excellent record in mathematics and science.
He took the standard freshman courses with the exception of signing up for one of Harvard's toughest mathematics courses.
Bill Gates dropped out from Harvard. Then he formed Microsoft. Microsoft's vision is "A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer". Bill is a visionary person and works very hard to achieve his vision. His belief in high intelligence and hard work has put him where he is today. He does not believe in mere luck or God's grace, but just hard work and competitiveness.
The world's best known billionaire, co-founded one of the world's largest software companies -- Microsoft.
Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1975. He took interest in computer programming since he was 13 years old.
Hailed as one of the chief architects of the personal computing revolution, he is also a great philanthropist donating billions of dollars to charity across the globe.
He has also been the worlds' richest from 1995 to 2009, excluding 2008 (when he was ranked third).

Michael Dell.

He went to college to study biology as his parents wanted him to be a doctor, but a year later, he gave up studies to follow his dreams.
Today, the world knows him as billionaire college dropout who converted a simple idea into a billion-dollar business.

In 1984 with $1,000, he gave shape to his dream venture. From his room in the university, Dell started working on his business plan. His idea was to assemble computers according to customers' preferences and sell them directly.

By 1992, Dell Computer Corporation entered the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the world. At the age of 27, he became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Michael Dell became an entrepreneur at a young age of 12, made his first $1,000 by selling stamps, and later sold newspaper subscriptions for Houston Post, making enough money to buy a BMW at 16.
Michael Dell later founded Dell Inc, one of the world's most successful IT companies.

Steve Jobs

Jobs dropped out of Reed College after one semester and went to work for Atari designing games. He carefully saved the money he earned while working at Atari so that he could take a trip to India and sate his bourgeoning interest in the spiritualism of the East.
Persistent after the failures of the NeXT venture, Jobs began toying with software and started to focus his attention on a company he'd bought from George Lucas in 1986, Pixar Animation Studios. Jobs signed a three-picture deal with Disney, and began working on the first computer-animated feature. Released in the fall of 1995, it had taken "Toy Story" four years to be made. But the work had been well worth it, the film was an incredible success. Pixar went public in 1996, and in one day of trading, Jobs 80% share had become worth $1 billion.
Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College after one semester and went to work on designing games.
Later, he teamed up with Steve Wozniak, an engineer to start a business.
In 1975, at the age of 20, Jobs and Wozniak started working on the Apple I prototype.
Apple Inc today designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers.


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