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According to a new national study, "experimental" sex is more prevalent among Americans today than it was in 1994.

The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University surveyed 5,865 people between age 14 and 94 on their sexual activities. The questions used were similar to a 1994 sex study conducted by The University of Chicago. Compared to the figures from the 1994 survey, it was discovered that more men and women are engaging in oral sex with each other, and a "significantly greater" amount of heterosexual anal sex is going on in 2010. These days, 40 percent of women between the ages of 20 and 45 have engaged in anal sex.

Also notable: The Indiana researchers found 41 different ways people have sex with each other. They also reveal that 85 percent of men claim they gave their partner an orgasm during their latest sexual event, whereas only 64 percent of women said they achieved orgasm during their most recent sexual encounter.

The discrepancy in that last factoid is why findings on self-reported sex surveys need to be digested with a bit of skepticism.
Oral sex is stimulating the genitals with the mouth, lips and tongue, by kissing, sucking, licking and nibbling. Many people use oral sex as foreplay or a substitute for intercourse, because it can be just as important and enjoyable as full sex.
If you'd like to try oral sex with your partner, you should make sure you're clean first. Although don't forget that the natural taste and smell of your body might be what attracts them most, so don't cover up with perfumes or deodorant. A good tip if you're concerned about how you or your partner smells, is to suggest taking a shower together.

When you're clean and fresh, you'll feel more comfortable. If you're worried about the way you look, try dimming the lights and lighting candles to boost your confidence.
Remember to try different techniques until you find out what your partner likes. Some people prefer gentle oral sex, with plenty of kisses to the areas around the genitals first, whereas others favour a firmer approach! Just listen and look for signs of appreciation - then you'll know you're doing something right.
A little gentle guidance during sex can go a long way but don't be pushy or upset if they're not ready.
Spend some time and get your lover excited before making the plunge. Tease her whole body before you head south. When having oral sex with your lover, it's not all about her clitoris. Let your mouth and tongue explore her whole labia, clitoris and vagina.
Slowly lick up her thighs and kiss her vulva. Spread her legs and open her lips with your fingers. Take a look. Tell her how beautiful she looks.
Use your tongue. Your whole tongue. Flatten it out. Use just the tip. Lick her like an ice cream cone. Flick it like a butterfly wings. Use gentle strokes. As her excitement builds, add more pressure. Focus more on the area around her clit.


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