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The first air-conditioned double-decker train has been rolled out by the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) Kapurthala. This train will run between Howrah and Dhanbad. Addressing the media on the launch of the train, the General Manager of Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala, Pradeep Kumar said, "It is India's first AC double-decker train and it will ply on Howrah and Dhanbad route." He further informed that the height of the coaches has been developed keeping in mind the over-head structures like bridge, electric traction etc.

Speed upto 180 km/per hour

The double decker train the latest design, which is made of stainless steel and the coaches can comfortably bear speed upto 180 km/per hour. All kinds of safety considerations were kept in mind while developing this train and its design will have minimum imapct in case of any emergency. According to the General Manager, "The train has been developed keeping low cost travelling in mind and each coach of the train can accommodate 128 passengers while Shatabdi carries only 78 passengers in every coach.

Eight coaches will be completely double decked

Starting with Howrah and Dhanbad, this double decker train will gradually be introduced on stretches which are not more than 500 km long as it offers only seating facility. The train will run at a general speed of 160 km/per hour. Power cars attached at both sides of the train will supply power to the train. The new train will be having eight coaches and will be completely double decked. It is India's first double decker train and if it turns out to be a success, then it will be helping the railways in a very strong manner in the future.

Overall height increased marginally

The overall height of double decker coach has been increased marginally by 116 mm (four and a half inches) keeping in view the constraints like overhead structures, bridges, electric traction equipment, platforms etc. so that these coaches can be used without modifying any of the fixed structures except for clearing some minor infringements. Space for the two decks has been generated by optimally using the well space between the two bogies.


Superior technical features

The new air-conditioned double decker coaches have many superior technical features like aesthetically pleasing stainless steel body, high speed Y-Frame bogies with air springs suspension for superior ride quality and many other safety related features. The chairs have been provided in face to face format, so that passengers can enjoy traveling with their families. For better safety, fire retardant upholstery has been used in chairs. These coaches are clear illustration of Indian Railways' capabilities in design and manufacturing of new types of rolling stock.



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