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Hawaii on an early July weekend, reality star and pop singer Brooke Hogan was a sight to behold as her bust appeared to have grown overnight. It seems that wrestling champion Hulk Hogan's daughter has opted for plastic surgery to boost her once A cups, to full C cups. Perhaps her "girls" were feeling neglectful, singing along with her chart topping single, "What about us?". While Brooke's new breasts certainly do look natural, it came as a shock that she decided on such a petite implant for her definite 6 foot tall stature, and more often than not tasteless appearance. Given her trashy taste, one would expect Brooke to augment her breasts to the D-size cup stratosphere. Good choice.

This is my life, these are my songs, this is my time and I`m ready.
I feel older. I feel like this business has kind of made me grow up a little bit.

Real name: Brooke Ellen Bollea
Date of birth: 2 May 1988
Place of birth: Tampa, Florida, USA
Height: 5' 10
Father: Hulk Hogan
Mother: Linda Hogan
Sex: Female
Nationality: American

Brooke: I wasn't raised with a silver spoon. I was raised to be resourceful and follow through with everything I set out to do.

Brooke: I'm pushing myself a little harder then ever before and really getting a chance to let my personality shine
Brooke's dad, Hulk Hogan, has put a GPS tracker on her vehicle that lets him track her whereabouts and can even shut down the engine of Brooke's car when needed.

Her father is very strict on her dating.

Her middle name is Ellen.

Her debut album is called 'Undiscovered', which will be out on September 26.
According to some sources, recent photos of Brooke have shown a scar in her armpit, suggesting that she had her implants inserted through the armpit. With this technique, a small one inch incision is made in a discreet fold inside the armpit. Typically, the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle of the chest, which helps the implant look and feel more natural. The only question that remains is whether Brooke has gone for the now approved silicone implants or for saline implants. Given the popularity of the more natural looking silicone implants, she probably got silicone.
Good call Brooke on getting breast implants, as with your over bleached blonde hair and masculine physique; we were beginning to mistake you for the Hulkster.
Looks like Yannique Barker, or Stack$, may have rapped his way into the heart of bad girl Brooke Hogan and the pair may be getting Serious.
Stack$ is the nickname given to Yannique Barker by fellow rapper Brisco. Yannique and Brook Hogan were seen out for a stroll on a Florida beach recently where the pair are filming the video for Brooke's new single. The pair were frolicking around together like lovebirds.
Barker, 24, is no stranger to Brooke either. He's been featured on My Number off Brooke's debut album, Undiscovered so the pair have been around each other for a while.
But don't let the Stack$ tattooed up bad boy rapper image fool you. His father is the founder of a hugely successful aerospace company and Yannique himself attended Landon in Bethesda, MD, a prestigious all-boys prep school.
Other than the obvious size difference between the two, Yannique Barker and Brooke Hogan could be right for each other, as long as he's the one wearing the high heels.


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