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In the ring, his arch-enemies are petrified of him. So is the case of any human being in front of the great Khali.
He though, is hardly scared of anything or anybody in this mortal world. Except probably God. Yes, the man whose height is more than seven feet, is scared of God. "My grandmother told me that the only one to be frightened of in this universe is God. Main sirf Parmatma se darta hoon. I am not petrified of anything else in this world," he says in Punjab accented Hindi. Khali
Besides being God-fearing, the great Khali or Dalip Singh Rana sometimes makes his eyes moist too. "It's been almost ten years that I have been living abroad but I really miss my village. I miss my folks, my family and my friends back here. So, sometimes I become a little sentimental. Thankfully, my brother keeps me in control," he adds.

He refers to the US as Amrikka and says that he didfind it difficult to communicate initially. But things have changed since his ever-growing fame. "I have made a few friends too and there are so many fans around. I don't find it difficult anymore."

He runs a small NGO in the US and for the needy in India, he is always there. "We have many volunteers in my village who inform us of anybody who is in dire need of money for crisis situations like kid's education or marriage or health condition. We try to help as many as possible," he says. him what else he does besides wrestling, interestingly he mentions only exercise. "I wrestle five days a week and when I get off, I prefer to take rest." What else do you do then? "I exercise to keep my body fit," he informs. No movies or TV in the wrestle time.
Besides his own arena, he follows other sports like basketball, soccer, hockey and obviously cricket. Any other sportsperson he likes? "The only person I like is Sachin Tendulkar. I have met him personally also. The way I have seen him on the field, he is equally good and courteous in real life," he says.

Though he is minting money with his growing fame, he plans to continue this only till the next decade. Then he plans to retire and come back as the son-of-the-soil. "When I retire I want to come back to India to be with my family and friends, apne watan mein. Then I want to do farming," he ends.


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