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Making 'Veer' was stressful - Bollywood1Making 'Veer' was stressful - Bollywood4
Salman Khan who has turned script writer with his upcoming dream project 'Veer' says the film has been a stressful experience for him as an actor and writer.'Veer' has shaped up well and I am happy with the final product,' Salman told reporters last night at the music launch of the film.Salman, who has further toned his body to suit the role, had first conceived the idea of making a movie on the exploits of a Pindari soldier 20 years ago. Speaking about his new co-star Zarine Khan, Salman said Zarine was a brilliant newcomer as she belongs to the new generation."It is unfair to compare a newcomer with anybody. By doing this you are belittling the efforts and hard work of a young actor," he said. Music composers Sajid-Wajid have given the music in the film while Oscar-winning lyricist Gulzar has penned the songs.'Initially, I didn't want to work with them as I felt scoring music for a period film was not their cup of tea. I had even given them the option of getting another composer if I did not like their tunes. Happily, they did not disappoint me,' Sharma said.
Sharma, who had earlier directed 'Gadar', a love story set during the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan, said he was initially apprehensive about Sajid-Wajid. "They have done a good job of collaborating ethnic Indian music with Western influences to give a contemporary look to the music album.
Sajid and Wajid said the film's script is close to Salman's heart. 'It was a great challenge for us because our earlier films with Salman have done well. There was no pressure. Being sincere towards our work and being true to ourselves was important,'musician brothers said. They said they rehearsed on several musical instruments and included them in the tunes.
It has been reported that the Salman Khan starrer Veer is about an Indian warrior fighting the British Raj.

Set around 1800, the film will be similar to multiple Oscar winner Gladiator, and feature Salman in state of the art fight scenes. Apart from having Indian actors, the film will also feature numerous Western faces, including the daughter of top Hollywood actor Jean Claude Van Damme – Bianca Van Damme.

Salman is currently busy trying to get into shape as he does not want to be undermined by Bianca, who has a body builder for a mother also.


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