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Man becomes man only among men

It is true that man everywhere lives in groups. Group life is almost inevitable for him. Man fails to develop human qualities in the absence of human environment. Man can become man only among men. The one or two instance may corroborate this point.

The case of the wolf: In 1920, two Hindu children were traced out in wolf den. Once at the age of eight and other under two. The younger child died with in a few months of discovery. But the elder one called kamala survived until 1929. Kamala had developed no human qualities when she could walk only on 'fours' possessed no language and was shy to meet or face people.

After some sympathetic tanning she was taught basic social habits. Before here death she had slowly learned some simple speech, human eating and dressing habits and the like. This wolf child had had no 'sense of human selfhood', when she was discovered, but it emerged gradually. The emergency of individuality was altogether dependent upon her membership in human group or society.

The case of anna: another such example is that of anna, an illegitimate American child who had been placed in a room at the age of six months. She was isolated there until her fed but received no training and had no contacts with other human benign. After five years of this cruel social isolation. anna was allowed to go out. But she could not walk or speak. She was completely indifferent to people around her. As in the case of kamala, anna was given some training to  which she responded. She became 'humanised' much more rapidly before she died in 1942. Here improvement showed that socialization could do a great deal towards making her a 'person'. Not only these two but many other instance have convincingly proved that man becomes social only in social in social groups.



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