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Event management & sponsorship
“The use of unconventional media .method involving people witnessing a happening within a capsule of time, for the purpose of communication of a message,”
• The right tool
• the right place
• the right target audience
• treat them like strategic bombs
• blitz the target audience’s share of mind
• make it a complete brand experience
• make it an extension of the brand personality
• getting the right message across
An integral part of marketing and pr strategies.
• Provide a platform for brand communication
• A medium to promote sales and increase sampling
• Leveragability across multiple media
• A medium to drive public relations
• A medium for communication of brand positioning
• Breaking through media clutter –visibility
• To build costumer relationship
• Improve the impact and recall of the marketing message
• Enhance the relevance of brand to the TA

Events can be used in customer relationship and brand communication.

“sponsorship is the provision of resources an organization directly to an individual, event or organization directly to an individual, event or organization, to enable the latter pursue an activity is return for benefits contemplated in terms of the sponsor’s promotion strategy and which can be expressed in terms of corporate, marketing media objectives and can be used for commercial advantage.”
Sponsorship - an important tool in the communication mix.
Why do sponsors sponsor?
 Brand awareness.
• To increase awareness of company or its brands.
 Image.
• To support, build or change a desired company brand image.
• Shape or reinforce the public’s perception company or brand’s attributes.
 Media coverage.
• Guaranteed and potential publicity.
 Corporate hospitality.
• Entertain key & potential clients, b2b marketing.
 Niche audience targeting.
• More cost effective and accurate than conventional advertising which can get dilute.
 Product showcase.
• Opportunity to showcase existing product and test new products.
 Differentiation
• Differentiation product from competitor’s.
 Identification with a particular lifestyle
• Hence forming an emotional bond with the target audience by supporting their lifestyle and like
 Merchandise opportunities
• Opportunity for on the spot audience gratification.
 Impact the bottom line
• Driving sales through contest, special schemes product awareness, etc.
 Restrictions on conventional means advertising.
• Tobacco and liquor brands.
 Break through media clutter.

Sponsorship in its many avatars
 Arts
• Theatre, fashion, music, festivals, museums galleries, exhibitions and libraries
• All of which could involve support towards an individual, event, awards or an organization
 Social
• Conservation, education, causes related, environmental, community.
• Could involve projects, awards, organization local, regional or national events.
 Media
• TV and radio, publications, film, video and internet
• Could involve individuals, individual program series, features, events.
 Venue
• Sports stadium, music venues, clubs heritage proprieties, public areas.
 Internet
• A new avenue to reach to reach out to target audience.

What status can a sponsor obtain?
 Sole sponsor
• The only sponsor involved in the event
 Principal
• Major sponsor but not necessarily the only on.
 Naming.
• Naming rights to the event.
• E.g.: kingfisher derby manikchand filf fare awards.
• Electrolux kelvinator iifa awards.
 Title sponsor/ presenting sponsor.
• Name in the title of activity where the sponsor would appear as presenting the event or activity.
 Associate sponsor.
• Next in importance to the main sponsor.
 Category exclusive.
• Likely to be one of a number of sponsors but is exclusive within product sector.
 Media sponsor.
• Provides media support for the event.
• TV, print, outdoor, etc
 Service sponsor.
• Sponsors the services involved in executing the event.
• Airline, hospitality, ground transport, etc.
 Secondary sponsor /supplier.
• Usually at the lower end of the scale.
Befits does a sponsor obtain-
 Guaranteed media exposure.
• Pr.
• Promotions across multiple media – TV, print, outdoor, internet.

 Venue branding.
 Carriage on the event logo unit for main sponsors.
 Right to use the logo unit for promotions.
 Tickets/ invites to the event.
 Hospitality and travel (optional).
 In show branding and mention logos on collaterals
 Merchandising right/ branding on event merchandise
 Access to organisation’s database lf members or invitees
 Opportunity to provide a product or service audience at the event
 Access to television footage
 Use the association on the internet or create an internet site.


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