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 He could have done many things with his life, but chose to plunge into politics. Initially, for one so young, his knowledge of political history — not just of his mother’s constituency, Pilibhit, but also of the country generally, including Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi — and his powers of articulation impressed those he came in contact with. Especially impressed was Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) General-Secretary Pramod Mahajan. Mahajan used him extensively in the Maharashtra Assembly elections campaign in 2004. Soon Varun Gandhi became one of the BJP’s youngest National Executive members. The party promoted him: What better way to get at the Nehru-Gandhi family than through a member of the royalty? When L K Advani became the President of BJP, he offered to make Gandhi the party secretary.The chargesheet was filed this afternoon by investigating officer Mani Ram Rao in a case registered with Barkhera police station under section 153(A) (promoting enemity on religious grounds), 125 of Representation of the People Act and other relevant sections of the IPC on March 17," official sources said.

29-year-old Varun, who was arrested on March 29 by Uttar Pradesh Police, is currently out on bail.

The state government had on July 3 granted sanction to Pilibhit police to file a chargesheet against Varun.

The Pilibhit administration, after receiving the forensic report from FSL Chandigarh that the CDs of Varun's inflammatory speeches were not tampered with, had sought permission from the government to file chargesheet against the BJP MP in June.
Varun Gandhi, who was arrested in Pilibhit on March 28, on the charges of making inflammatory communal remarks at election meetings in his constituency on March 6, was released from the Etah district Jail in Uttar Pradesh on April 16, after he gave a fresh undertaking that he would not make any inflammatory speeches.

He had been recorded as saying, "If anyone raises a finger towards Hindus or if someone thinks that Hindus are weak and leaderless, if someone thinks that these leaders lick our boots for votes, if anyone raises a finger towards Hindus, then I swear on Gita that I will cut that hand."


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