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Event =the process of organizing the activities of a derived objectives is a stipulated place is called as event.

A thought of an activity to be held in given place is called as event.


Four categories of event's=

  1. Science & mathematics

    Horizontal event

Probability event



Horizontal event=proving of science. Any invention is done, software launches etc.

Probability event=uncertainty of activities in which proving of science type.


2. Cultural& social events=

  1. wedding
  2. Birthday
  3. Festival
  4. Party
  5. Meetings
  6. Ceremony
  7. Fair


    3. Technology=

  • event driven program---



  • Event chain program—demonstration of technology
  • Unified modeling—sharing of knowledge.

4. Philosophy=brain mind


Working conditions of events orgonised.

Long hour work & Long hour stay.

Stress full job & performance

No time of food

Never give up concept

Early reporting and later retrieve (living)

Attributes of event for an organiser

  1. Stages: - advertising
  • Direct
  • indirect
  1. Communication
  2. Transportation
  3. Catering & stay & accommodation


Event planning

  • Budgeting
  • Establishing data & alternative data
  • Selecting & reserving the site
  • Acquiring permits
  • Coordination with transporting & parking
  • Marketing
  • Food & accommodation
  • Safety measures


Event planning:

Event planning is process of the objective of event through problem, co-ordination, motivation, budgeting, controlling & leadership.

Permits before events—cooperation permits, police

Fire depot permits, civil permits, traffic depot permits.

Definition- the orgonised method of converting inputs in to (people, equipment methods, material & environments) to outputs.

Importance=sponsor stake: - all-ways we should plan what are we giving this people.

Put the right sponsor in right place (biscuit in biscuit)

Too many vendors:

Skeletal organisation:

Do sigsigma:



Planning &logistics:






Process of event

Get ready with the brief

Gaps in the brief will come out during process mapping.

Plug gaps in the event brief.(get all the details about the event at frist step only)

Process of event planning

  • Brain storming
  • Flow chart
  • Cause & effect diagram
  • Data analysis
  • Brain storming
  • Stabilising process.













Process mapping

Macro process


Micro process

Inter connection (tell everything about event about all)


Hierarchy in event company

General manager/managing director













Accounts (a/c):-

an account is responsible for bills receivable /bills payable & coordinating of event.

HRM (human resource manager):-

recruitment of all deportment like training, termination.

Engineering & event manager:-

takes of all the care of engineering like construction stage building maintains etc

Transport manager: -

takes care of logistics & transport.






Crm (customer relationship manager):-

deals with public related aspects.

Government & legal manager: -

deals with licensing & permission etc.

Facilities manager:-food, accommodation travel, ticketing coupons gifts complementary.

This work starts on the day of event.

Business development: - bringing business to company or creating new business.


Forms of event

Any activity which is individual performed is called as event

Group of an individual is other than an event is called as no event.

Event is temporary process .the process of event is stipulated with an objective.

Different forms of event-

Wedding, birthday, festival, family ,get to gathers ,fair, individual party, concerts of all ,sports, social& anti social.




















Organizing principles of event:-


1) Aim of event

Decide about subject, when, where, who how, how long, bud get.

2) Planning & logistics

  1. Nominate a person
  2. Frame a time
  3. Decide venue & catering
  4. Check the deadline
  5. Plan for the speaker &
  6. Promotion.

3) The day before & on the day.

Ensure every thing on or before the day of the event.


4) Follow up & evaluation.

Event planning & production

In house event production

Independent planning & production companies

Marketing –getting work done

Working in the events

Categories events & working

  • Leisure events (trekking &adventure sports)
  • Culture events (wedding, festival)
  • Personal event
  • Organizational event











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