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A mantis shrimp can swing its claw so fast it boils the water around it and creates a flash of light.

The temperature produced can reach up-to temperature of SUN momentarily!!! 

They have two club-shaped appendages near their face that can punch out  faster than a .22 caliber bullet( acceleration of 102,000 m/s2 and speeds of 23 m/s from a standing start)  to smash and break apart their prey  (usually mollusks and crabs) and even glass.

They can punch with enough  force that the surrounding water boils in a process known as  supercavitation. The bubbles caused by this supercavitation collapse  instantly, but not before giving off a shockwave of heat (thousands of  Kelvins high) and light (sonoluminescence) to confuse and boil the prey.This Shockwave has a force in order of 1,500 newtons .

If we had the same amount of force as the Mantis Shrimp, we could throw  small objects into orbit.  Imagine being a crab and seeing this beast  of a shrimp come after you; even if the Mantis Shrimp misses blowing you  to pieces with its bullet gloves of death, the atomic shockwave that  follows the punch will still boil you alive.


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