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Why is the government of India not clearing SkyBus Metro and clearing metro which is costlier than SkyBus Metro?

Skybus Metro is an indeginous development in india, the first in the world invented by Mr B Rajaram. It is the cheapest and the most effecient mode of public transport in the whole world with just 50 paise/ km operatinal costs and it can be constructed the fastest in the world at a speed of 1 km track/2 weeks. It was proposed for hyderabad route and was tested in the tracks in 2005 in marmagao,GOA.But due to accident of three employess (1 died,3 injured), the project was scrapped by the AP government. But Mr B Rajaram didnt lose hope and argued back in 2011 to bring the project back, and said that the accident was a human fault.Now it is 2012 and many tier III cities are considering to adopt this system as it is a value for money project. But the question arises,would the govt. still go for it?
Why Sky Bus is an ideal solution according to KRC:
Follows the existing roads- but does not take road space- and be as flexible as a bus
Have rail based mass transit capacity, same as existing rail metro
Does not divide city while providing integration along its alignment
Be derailment and collision proof- with NO CAPSIZING of coaches- so that there can never be loss of life Be free from vandalism Noise free and pollution-free
Non-invasive -requiring the least amount of scarce land space- and not come in the way of development.
Salient features of the Sky Bus Heavy 52/60 kilograms /metres rails placed at standard gauge floating in elastic medium and damped by inertia of measured mass held in a 8 metres X 2metres box enclosure, supported over a 1m diameter. columns spaced at 15 metres and located at 15 metres distance from each other, in the divider space in between lanes on a road- way, at a height of 8metre above road surface- provides the support and guidance for powered bogies which can run at 100 kmph, with the coach shells suspended below, carry passengers in air conditioned comfort, can follow existing road routes, while existing traffic on roads continue. 
Aesthetic and eco-friendly, the Sky Bus can never derail, capsize nor collide- by design as well as by construction, hence is safer than existing rail-based system.
With no signaling and having no points and crossings, it is a unique mass-transit system, which can be put up within two years in any crowded & congested city.
Sky Bus metro falls under tramway category, under Art 366(20) of Constitution of India, since it operates along existing roadways and within municipal limits, hence excluded from Indian railway act.


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