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Most Awesome Chai Waala(Tea seller), awarded by TEDx-

Meet Laxman Rao, a teaseller by day and a passionate writer by night.​

​Rao hails from a small district in Amravati in Maharashtra, he left his home when he was just 18 with a meagre amount of Rs 40 in his pocket. From there, he has come really a long way and has written 24 books in Hindi.

Laxman Rao dropped after class 8th due to personal problems but a deep will in his heart made him earn a graduate degree. At 62, he is now pursuing his masters in Hindi Diploma.

Some Mind-blowing facts about Laxman Rao:

1. Former President of India, Mrs Pratibha Patil, was so impressed by the man and his work that she invited him over to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

2. He wrote his first novel when he was just 18, he wrote 23 more novels later.​
​3. ​One of his books titled “Ramdas” has been adapted into a play and has sold over 3000 copies.

​4. The Talented yet Simple man has been awarded with 37 awards from TEDx Walled City Award to Indian Media Welfare Association award.

Edit- Thanks for Mindblowing Response, I spoke to Laxman Rao ji on facebook and I was about to make more stories on him so this was happened. He is really very humble person!

Translation- Namaste Laxman Rao Ji

I read about you and I wrote on my blog about you, I need some clicks of you to write in a better way about you.

I would wait for your response, Thank You!

He replied- Thank You Very Much Raghav Ji, i am sending you some of my photos, after posting the story, please convey me! That's real humility!

He sells his books alongside his tea shop!

And he has got many awards!

​​I wrote about him in my blog in November . He is a source of an immense inspiration for me. Content source-

Edit- I have added the bigger images, from mobile they were small.

Source for images- His facebook page
Raghav Gakhar


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