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The design of the moving house was inspired by the work of English mathematician Henry Dudeney.
In 1908, Mr Dudeney worked out how to turn a square into an equilateral triangle.

Called the Haberdasher's Puzzle, each of the pieces are hinged and form a chain that can be transformed into the square, or the original triangle (GIF pictured right).
Mr Dudeney specialised in logic puzzles and mathematical games, and regularly submitted puzzles to newspaper and magazines under the pseudonym 'Sphinx'.
Dudeney revealed a model of the solution, made of mahogany with brass hinges, at a meeting of the Royal Society on May 17, 1905.
He also published the first known crossnumber puzzle in 1926 and has been credited with inventing verbal arithmetic and discovering new applications of digital roots.
The designers said: '[The Haberdasher's Puzzle concept] alone is fascinating and the possibilities are endless when applying the formula to world of architecture and design.'
Based on this design, in the summer, bedroom one of the D*Dynamic house faces east and watches the sun rise as its owner wakes up.
It can then rotate so that the user is constantly in sunlight, while the house generates energy through its solar panels.
Called D*Dynamic, the structure (pictured) was inspired by the work of an early 20th Century mathematician who discovered a way to dissect a square and rearrange its parts into an equilateral triangle. The 'folding' house shapeshifts into eight different configurations that automatically adapt to the changing seasons
During winter, the house is in a square formation, with small windows and high thermal mass, which the designers describe as 'literally hugging itself.'
As the seasons change and climate warms, the house opens up, 'like a flower opens up' to allow light and air to penetrate the inside of the building creating panoramic views of the surroundings.
The internal walls become external walls, doors become windows and windows become doors.


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