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Land locked area.
Ravaged by floods regularly.
Ganga passing through Bihar does not benefit north Bihar.
Bihar doesn't have any mineral deposits, so industries could not develop here.
Due to shortage of engineering colleges in Bihar, we are forced to go to south & keeping industry alive there.

A Bihari named Sake Dean Mahomed started First Indian restaurant business in 1789 from London.
Bihar had very flourishing education sector till independence.
Most of places in Bihar have no drinking water issue.
Sher shah Suri from Bihar gave Grand trunk road to India. He also established the land record system of mughal and post mughal era.
Independent India's first president came from Bihar.
Netarhat School, established in erstwhile Bihar, is the inspiration of Navodaya  Vidyalaya model in whole country.
Most of top railway engineers in India comes from Jamalpur railway training facility. SCRA, a tough exam, choose people to train them in Bihar.
Sudha Dairy is second only to Amul. Its a shining example of how to run a dairy.
BIT, Sindri was chosen to be converted into IIT by Nehru. The then CM Of Bihar rejected it as he did not want to lose the shining jewel of the state.
Lichi, a tasty fruit, is primarily produced in North Bihar.
You can still have hearty food in Patna for 200-300 in a good restaurant and move around in cheap shared autos unlike many big cities where living is prohibitive.

99% people in Bihar are non-violent civilized folks.
Biharis can master English if needed. And for that matter Russian, German, Icelandic or Malayalam if needed.
Not everyone in Bihar speaks in Bhojpuri.
Biharis do many things other than preparing for IAS and rickshaw pulling.
Population growth in Bihar is no different than other north Indian states.
Number of Biharis migrating to Delhi and other places is similar to number of Indians migrating to foreign.

Not everyone in Bihar subscribe to Lalu's philosophy.
Biharis will get aggressive if you abuse us, but only to help you correct your idiocy, not for killing you.

Biharis are human, not some weird creature from outer world. As smart and as idiot as any other representative human settlement. Landlocked situation and rampant floods makes things a bit tough on industrial front. Roads do not survive the heavy floods on north bihar. No one can make a road that can survive 5-6 feet high water stagnant for days on end. I do not think any other state has to face a situation where a whole mighty river changed its course inundating areas previously never near to a major river.

If not for a Bihari and his Yadav troops, Kolkata would have went into Bangladesh. He prevented goons from changing the demography through riot by unleashing his own troops. Violence is sometimes needed and that's the hallmark of Biharis. We are violent when needed, not just for some egotistical reasons.

Most of the terrorists in Mumbai are not from Bihar, but Eastern UP zones where minority appeasement by Political leaders has went too far ahead....

by-Atul Kumar,


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