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  • facts/incidents of Mahabharata (Not sure if these have been mentioned before):

  • 1.       Gandhari was the mother of 100 sons and 1 daughter. Her daughter name was Dusshala.
  • 2.      Sahadeva knew about the past and what happens in future. Pandu had a premonition of his death and had told his sons a secret. ‘Years of celibacy and meditation in the forest have given me great knowledge. It is embedded in my body. When I die, eat my flesh and you will be blessed with great knowledge. That shall be your true inheritance.’ After Pandu died, his body was cremated. The children could not do what their father had asked them to do. But Sahadeva noticed ants carrying a tiny piece of their father’s body. He put that piece in his mouth. Instantly, he knew everything about the world what had happened in the past and what would happen in the future.
  • 3.      Duryodhana did not participate in Draupdi’s swyamvara because he was already married to Bhanumati, princess of Kalinga, and he had promised her that he would never marry another. Now that is commitment!
  • 4.      Draupadi bore the Pandavas five sons. They were: Prativindhya, son of Yudhishtira; Satsoma, son of Bhima; Shurtakirti, son of Arjuna; Shatanika, son of Nakula; and Shrutasena, son of Sahadeva.
  • 5.      Krishna embodies intelligence and Draupadi luck. The Pandavas enter the gambling hall with neither. Thus both intelligence and luck matters.
  • 6.      Once, Bhima pretended to have fever and requested Draupadi to massage his feet. He took large fruits and covered them with a bedsheet. Without removing the bedsheet, Draupadi massaged what she thought were the firm limbs of Bhima while her husbands watched from afar. When the truth was revealed, she was so angry that she cursed the fruits. In future, they would not be smooth; they would be covered with spikes. That is why the jackfruit skin is covered with spikes.
  • 7.      The five villages that Krishna asked for the Pandavas during his negotiations for peace included Paniprastha (modern Panipat), Sonaprastha (modern Sonipat), Tilprastha (modern Tilpat), Vrikshprastha (modern Bagpat) and Indra-prastha (modern Delhi).
  • 8.      Two sons of Dhritarashtra did not approve of Duryodhana’s actions: Vikarna, born of Gandhari, and Yuyutsu, born of a maid. Both had argued against Draupadi being staked in the game of dice.
  • 9.      There were seven divisions on the Pandava side led by Dhrishtadyumna, Draupadi’s twin brother, while there were eleven divisions on the Kauravas’, led by Bhishma. Each division, known as Akshouhini, comprised chariots, elephants, horsemen and foot-soldiers. For every chariot there was one elephant, three horsemen and five foot soldiers.
    An Akshouhini included 21,870 chariots and chariot-riders, 21,870 elephants and riders, 65,610 horses and riders, and 109,350 foot-soldiers (in a ratio of 1:1:3:5). The combined number of warriors and soldiers in both armies was approximately four million.

  • 10.   At various times during the battle, the supreme commander organized his troops into special formations known as vyuhas.
     Krauncha vyuha—Heron formation
     Makara vyuha—Dolphin formation
     Kurma vyuha—Turtle formation
     Trishula vyuha—Trident formation
     Chakra vyuha—Wheel or discus formation
     Padma vyuha—Lotus formation (Chakravyuha)
  • 11.    Mahabharata was fought for 18 days. Bhishma commands the Kaurava army for ten days. Drona commands it for half that, five days. Karna commands it for half Drona’s duration that is two days. Shalya commands it for one day that is half of Karna’s.
  • 12.   Over one billion, two hundred and twenty million people were killed. Less than twenty-four thousand survived. Of these, only three had fought for Duryodhana: Ashwatthama, son of Drona, Kripa, teacher of the Kuru princes, and Kritavarma, the Yadava.
  • 13.   After the war when Pandavas went to meet Gandhari; She controlled her anger and forced herself to bless them. As she did so, her eyes filled with tears swelled so much that her blindfold was pushed away and she managed to steal a glance at Yudhishtira’s big toe for a moment. That one glance was so fiery that it turned Yudhishtira’s big toe blue. With that glance, all of Gandhari’s rage dissipated.
  • 14.   In Prabhas Patan, on the sea coast of the state of Gujarat, stands a tree that has been identified as the descendant of the Banyan tree under which Krishna was fatally injured. 


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