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This story is about a house maid. Her name is Sunita. Sunita works in my friend's house. She does all the household chores there. 

Sunita comes from a little village in India where she was married off at a tender age of 13. As if this wasn't enough, she gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 18. A baby girl is considered as a curse in their village. As a result of that, she was beaten up by her in-laws and not given food to eat. She faced many atrocities over there. One day, she decided to quit.

She ran away from there, from her husband and her in-laws taking the baby girl with her. She came to Jaipur. Now, she was in dire need of a job. With no educational qualifications it was going to be tough. Her brother was there to give her emotional support. Fortunately, she came to my friend's house and was offered a cook's job. She never spoke much as her scars were still alive inside her. And my friend's family did not know anything about her past. For them, she was just Sunita-the cook.

One day she asked my friend's father whether she can reside in their house. They had a little room there. "I'll be able to help you in every little manner I can and I'll be here with you for 24 hours; you can call me whenever you need me", she reasoned. They agreed to keep her.

Having her over there made the tasks much simpler. She was multitasking. Apart from working in my friend's house, she worked in a beauty parlor, in supermarkets (Reliance Fresh, to be precise). She started learning the basics of computer. All this for her daughter. To give her a good life. She toiled from early morning to late evening only to come back  and make dinner and have a good night's sleep.

But the past life knocked her doors again. Her husband came and took their daughter away from her and forced her to come to the village. But she knew that if she goes there again, she won't be able to come out. She reasoned this with her husband. He denied. But Sunita was adamant. So, to inflict pain to her , he snatched the daughter from her and went back to his village. Sunita was heartbroken. 

Meanwhile, my friend's family came to know about all this and helped her getting a divorce from her husband. NO HUSBAND. NO DAUGHTER. 

This didn't stop her. She worked even more. She is still going strong. Her husband, being a badass, calls her up and tells her to hear her daughter's voice. She pleads him to give her her daughter back which he doesn't. I'm sure he treats his daughter badly too. 

Sunita cries even today for her lost daughter. She sees it as a source of inspiration. She has given her tenth board exams and she has passed all subjects. Her score: 59%. 

When I heard her story from my friend, I was amazed at her never-say-die spirit, her grit, her ability to tackle the situations, her prowess. On top of all this, she never  forgets to keep a smile on her face. I admire her. I'm proud of her. I wish I could pat her back and let her know this. I wish everyone could see her struggle and applaud her.

She is still fighting for her daughter. The past demons refuse to go, but she stands undeterred. And you know what, seeing how determined she is, I know, she'll get her back.

Meanwhile, she loves the English language. She is learning it. She reads The Times of India daily and her WhatsApp status reads "Argent cols only" ,read: (Urgent calls only.)

P.S: I updated my WhatsApp status to "Argent cols only" yesterday to show how much I respect her despite the spelling mistakes.


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