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Intel Edison is a new Quark technology-based computer housed in an SD card form factor with built-in wireless. The product-ready, general purpose compute platform is well-suited to enable rapid innovation and product development by a range of inventors, entrepreneurs and consumer product designers when available this summer.

Intel Edison is based on 22nm Intel Quark technology for ultra-small and low power-sensitive, Internet of Things edge devices, smart consumer products and wearable computing. The product features an Intel processor and microcontroller core. The programmable microcontroller helps manage I/Os and other baseline functions, while the x86 compatible processor core brings Linux support and enables multiple operating systems to run sophisticated high-level user applications. The small compute package brings connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE*, and has LPDDR2* and NAND flash storage as well as a wide array of flexible and expandable I/O capabilities.
Wearable Technology Collaborations:
Intel, Barneys New York*, the Council of Fashion Designers of America*, and Opening Ceremony* today announced strategic collaborations to explore and bring to market smart wearable technology, and also to increase dialogue and cooperation between the fashion and technology industries.
As part of the collaborations, Intel and Opening Ceremony* will collaborate in the design and development of a smart bracelet concept based on Intel technology with design direction from Opening Ceremony*. Luxury retailer Barneys New York* will carry the Opening Ceremony* smart bracelet in its stores.
intel-edison-CES 2014
Intel ‘Make It Wearable’ Challenge:
Reinforcing the notion that many of the greatest ideas are now brought to market by designers, entrepreneurs, and even through self-made invention, Intel announced the ‘Make It Wearable’ challenge to encourage innovation with Intel technology.
The global effort will call upon the smartest and most creative minds to consider factors impacting the proliferation of wearable devices and ubiquitous computing, such as meaningful usages, aesthetics, battery life, security and privacy.
The challenge will award more than US$1.3 million in cash awards to winners and will also be connecting contenders with industry luminaries to help realize their respective ideas.


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