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A developer says he has built the first Google Glass app designed for sex. No, not porn – sex. Sex with Glass claims to let partners share their point of view with each other to "experience sex like never before".  The idea is that both parties will wear Glass for the encounter, and the app will send a live video stream to the other person's display upon the command, "OK, Glass, it's time", letting them see what you see in real time.

 You stop the stream with the words, "OK, Glass, pull out", according to the app's website. Advertisement  The site claims the app will also be able to dim room lights and play mood music, presumably with home automation, as well as suggest new sexual positions with the words, "OK, Glass, give me ideas".  The developer is also working on an accompanying iPhone app called Glance, which will let users switch the point of view to the iPhone's camera to see the "whole picture". After the encounter, Sex with Glass will automatically create a video from the footage on all three devices that users can view later. Not that much later, though – it self-destructs after five hours, Snapchat-style."We love using design and strategy to disrupt at scale. So when we asked ourselves the question: 'How can we make sex more awesome with Google Glass?' We came up with Sex with Glass," Sherif Maktabi, one of the three designers involved in the project, told London's Daily Mail.  But Sex with Glass appears destined for a niche audience within a niche audience: Google Glass isn't on sale to the public yet, and for those with access, the price tag is $US1500 a pop. This app presumes a couple has two of the device. But besides the issues of price and availability, the idea of both parties wearing an awkward headset while having sex will probably have limited appeal.  Add to that concerns about privacy. By its nature, Google Glass reduces the amount of friction between capturing and sharing; it's incredibly easy to accidentally send a photo or video via Glass to any of


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