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Bladefish 7000
Powered by a long last lithium ion battery, this new and improved version of the BladeFish is much more powerful than the brand’s previously introduced versions, and more maneuverable as well.
The contraption weighs in at a mere 10 pounds, and allows divers to cruise through the water at three different speeds up to 40 meters deep. Thanks to the improved battery life, you can expect to enjoy the BladeFish for 70 to 120 minutes on a single charge. The device is currently for sale at Amazon.
Lithium is the lightest metal in the universe. It is found throughout the natural world above and below sea level, with large deposits in the USA, Canada, South America and South West Africa.
It’s been known in scientific circles in the west for about 200 years and was first put to use commercially 90 years ago.
Since then it has been used more and more – because aside from anything else, it is simply a great improver of things – whether it be making face powder and cosmetics that are more absorbent, or building aircraft that’s lighter and more efficient, or making rockets that go much faster, or…. making the batteries that we put in your Bladefish; batteries that are much, much better than what we had before…
In the open seas temperatures rise and fall noticeably. In the past a drop in temperature would lead to a drop in performance as lead-acid batteries’ output declines rapidly with low temperatures.
Due to the nature of the alloy, Lithium’s performance remains consistent in circumstances of temperature volatility. Lithium-Ion batteries are best stored at 40% charge in a cool place.Lithium derives its' name from the Greek 'Lithos' which means stone – because originally it was found in stone. Uses are far flung – from making telescope lenses and ceramics to removing carbon from the atmosphere in spacecraft.
It use was significant in improving military weapons and aircraft during the second world war. Today, the use of Lithium batteries is contributing to environmental improvement through the gradual replacement of lead acid batteries.Because Lithium is a light metal it is better at holding electrical charge, which makes it longer lasting on lots of different levels:
  • Battery re-charge cycle – Each time a battery is discharged it loses some of its energy. However with Lithium-Ion batteries if they are stored correctly you can recharge many times before registering any significant loss of capacity. (Please see chart below) 
  • Longer Usage Times - Things that transport – planes, rockets, Bladefish - need to hold on to electrical charge for as long as possible – Lithium power is ideal as, in simple terms, Li-ion batteries last longer before running out.
  • Long Life - The ability of Lithium-Ion batteries   to retain charge means that when the unit is not in use the self-discharge is negligible. Store in a cool place.The lightness of Lithium leads to batteries that are dense, which in turn allows for designs that are small and compact. For things that go in the air or water, this inevitably allows for more dynamic design – which in-turn increases speed and flexibility, which reflects back on energy efficiency.Lithium is a metal that is quick to respond – so when it comes to re-charging batteries, this means they charge fast and are able to reach near full capacity quickly.
    Batteries drain at different speeds depending on how much energy is being taken from them in one go.  Seajets, which are pulling all their resources to go deep and fast for a long time underwater are demanding on their batteries.
    Because of the nature of Lithium, recharging can happen quickly which means your Bladefish can be used all day if you like, with small, manageable breaks for re-charging.


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