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Mini which we know through his mini cooper car, finally published officially sightings concept electric scooter retro them. Skutrik dubbed the Mini E Scooter Concept will have 3 sightings berbeda.yaitu Mini E a modern retro, British Racing Green retro racing style and retro styled white Mini abis? Mini E Concept uses the drive power mounted on the rear wheels. While using a type of lithium ion batteries. Until now Mini has not released a cruising capacity.

And performance and the length of time these motors refills. But the Mini has provided a sketch that seems skutrik the refill can directly into regular outlet at home. design also shows the features and details of Mini skutrik on the speedometer panel and headlights.

 To enable this skutrik, riders must put their smartphone speedo panel. This gadget serves as a lock, speedometer, navigation, MP3 player, and even communication tools. These objects can be connected directly to the helmets through the aid of Bluetooth.miniature called innovation riders, skutrik and smartphone as "opening the way for a new range of interactive functions". Oh yes, this smartphone is integrated with Google Maps you know! So you can find the position of the other riders.

Just after Smart published the first real life pictures of its 'escooter' study, MINI went ahead and released official photos of its take on the pure electric scooter concept. To be precise, the BMW Group owned maker will display three individually colored and trimmed versions of its lithium-ion battery-powered scooter study at next week's Paris Motor Show.

One of the Scooter E Concepts is themed after the MINI E electric car, the other is finished in a classic British Racing Green with a brown-colored leather seat and the last pays homage to the UK Mod subculture.  The MINI Scooter Es borrows some styling cues from the firm's automobile range including the headlamp and mirror designs.  Like Smart's scooter concept, the MINI models also utilize a smartphone that slots between the handlebars offering its service as a navigation system among other things.  More information on MINI's Scooter E concepts will be revealed at the Paris Auto Show.


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