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There is an artist in each and every one of us. It has nothing to do with how well we can paint or sketch or with how much mastery we can execute a technique.
The very fact that every one of us has the ability to appreciate things that we find aesthetic is an indicator to our own creativity, one just needs to recognize this potential within. It is to awaken this feeling in students that the Fine Arts Society of Lady Shri Ram College, Hive organised an enlightening talk by acclaimed artist Mr. Siddharth Soni recently.

Like with any field or subject, the first step to proper understanding is by covering the basics. Mr. Soni explained that the basics of art can be understood in a multitude of ways- curves, colours, understanding the play of shadows and light... and through the female form. The female form has been a favourite of artists all through history- from Picasso to Van Gogh- for the simple but powerful symbolism of emotion that they are able to depict. As he said, "The female form is painted as a mode of self- expression and not for erotic purposes.
 The female form is seen as a quintessential tool for the artist to portray the emotion that they want the viewer to understand. It can be by portraying a situation that incites that desired feeling or it could be the painting of the feeling itself." He went on, through a series of slides, to illustrate how art has changed its nature through the centuries, from basic cave art to more polished styles depicting 3D perspective and increasing sense of community and social formations.

Depicting the female nude form can be a useful tool due to its ability to act like an empty canvas by itself- the observer is not distracted by any flamboyant clothing or jewellery that the figure may be clothed in, but can concentrate solely on the raw emotional and symbolic intent of the artist. The talk was attended by a lot of enthusiastic students who were as eager to learn from him as Mr. Soni was eager to explain. Sanjana Pal, who attended the talk said, "I can now understand that my potential of being an artist is not limited by my knowledge of art. Differing aesthetic perspectives lead to differing opinions which should be respected, but understood as such as well."

Mr. Soni definitely left a great impact on the girls and gave them a lot of food for thought. Art across boundaries- that's what Hive is all about, and we are taking it forward.


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