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Hindu kids need to be taught traditions and values from their Parents before being able to explore it on their own

Hinduism is an philosophical and spiritual religion. The spiritual and scriptural learning's  are endless when it comes to Hinduism. The creators of the religion have put so much thought into every small philosophical aspect, that learning and understanding the religion is a very complex process.

This could be a part of the reason for why most who practice Hinduism do not know much about the religion or even what they are participating in. Growing up, I was a proud Hindu by name. If anyone asked what my religion was, I would state with pride, I was a Hindu yet where did that pride stem from? I was not aware of even the smallest aspects of Hinduism. I took part in rituals consistently but had no idea why I was taking part in them. My parents held pooja's and made sure my siblings and I were blessed by pundits at any religious pooja so that we would be showered with good luck and live long success-filled lives.

The question is, as opposed to other religions, why are the Hindu youth not made aware of their religion and what they are practicing before or while the practice? Muslim children went to "Kuran school", Christian children went to church on Sunday's to learn about Jesus and all that he has to offer. Yet all the Hindu friends I had were in the same boat as myself. Not one could explain what Hinduism was all about and easily brushed off any questions that were thrown at them about their religion, in fear that they would be made fun of for practicing idolism or for praying to idols with 10 arms.

The lack of teaching of Hinduism to the youth not only kept them uninterested from the religion and all the truths it has to offer but also made them fear the arousal of Hinduism in a discussion due to their lack of confidence when discussing the religion. I remember fearing that someone would ask me a question and I would have no idea what to say, yet I had no place to turn to and get answers for such questions.

Why do parents fail to teach their children what they are practicing? Is it because they themselves do not know the right answer? Is it because there is no correct answer since Hinduism is a way of life and can be shaped and understood through many different perspectives?

The complexity of the religion is what is the main cause for individuals luring away from Hinduism. Moreover, generations and generations of Hindu's have been practicing the religion just for the mere fact that it has been a tradition in their households. The core knowledge of the religion has not been passed down from one generation to the other and is deeply hurting the religion's survival. Rather, the results of praying and following traditions have been passed down such as great success in careers, long lives and great wealth. These have become the motives for praying rather than for praying with sincere belief and faith.

As more and more Hindu's are becoming educated over generations, when they realize they know nothing about a religion they grew up in, logically speaking they drop the religion and turn to Atheism or Agnosticism or another religion which has a community to share knowledge and understanding with about the religion. It makes complete sense to be a non-believer or not care about a religion you know nothing about. It is better to let go of something rather than follow it blindly.

Blind faith leading to a realization of it and then a distancing from it is what is naturally happening. This is the problem. There should be no such thing as blind faith to begin with. If parents and elders teach children what they are practicing then the children will be better equipped to make a fair decision of whether they agree with the philosophies and teachings they are learning. If we just name our faith as blind and drop it, we lose the opportunity to learn about a religion that has so much to offer. It is better to taste something before throwing it away rather than throwing it away with no taste of it.

There are a few helpful online resources to help Parents teach their kids the basics of Hindu traditions, stories and prayers such as .


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