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I refuse to be thrust back into a patriarchal society where women are valued based on their serviceability in performing monotonous tasks such as cleaning and cooking on a daily basis. The reason people are not confined to gender polarization is because there has thankfully been progress, but when a girl of all people exerts herself to make misogynistic comments stating her desire to be a mechanical housewife whose sole purpose in life is to clean, cook, and fuck; and not only that but attempts to coerce all other women into the same narrow mindset I have a pretty big problem. 

This is not only an archaic frame of mind, but also a desperate cry for attention from the male gender. Just cause you want dick doesn’t mean you have to disparage every woman who has ever existed by claiming they’re all stupid. Not only have you defamed women, you’ve also put negative implications on the male gender. Contrary to your misinformed belief, a lot of men care substantially about a woman’s intellect and capability to be independent, and don’t base their level of love or admiration on her domestic or sexual skills. I doubt any man in his right mind would ever want to form a companionship with a woman who aspires to be an object. You are the bane of every woman’s existence, and a hypocrite if I ever saw one.Photo: => • Girlsss • <=
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