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I have a dream, where I stand in a forest. And I see a girl with long blond hair, and a long white dress. She’s running and laughing, she looks so happy. I walk towards her and ask her where I am. She tells me I’m in a forest. I ask her who she is, she says her name Sereity. I ask her how she I got here. She says she doesn’t know that people pop up all the time. I ask her how she got here. She says she doesn’t know, that one day she woke up here just like me, ad she saw a boy, laughing ad playing just as she was. I ask her what happened to the boy. She says one day he just dissapeared.

  I ask her is she ever gets lonely. She says no that many people come to play with her. i ask where they all are. She said they dissapeared just like the boy. I ask her if they ever came back.She says not yet, but she’s sure they will. I feel so bad for the girl, her friends will ever come back, and she doesn’t even know she’s a dream. I ask her if she would like to come tom my home with me. She says she’d love to, but can’t. I ask why not. She says it’s impossible, she can’t leave this forest. I can feel my self leaving, I tell her I’ll try to come back someday. She just hugs me and shakes her head no.Everything starts to fade and the last thing I see is a blond boy with a pure white out fit and she looks at him. She runs towards him, and hugs him.


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