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"I want to donate sperm for the welfare of the society. I am a 23-year-old BBA final year student."

"I am an event manager from a Gujarati family with business background. I want to donate sperm."

"I am interested in sperm donation in Delhi so that I can get some money and help for a noble cause as well"

"I would like to donate my sperm to help others and for some extra income"

Innumerable mails like these from educated youngsters have been flooding inboxes of IVF clinics in Gujarat post the release of surprise Bollywood hit 'Vicky Donor'. Vicky has done what years of counseling could not accomplish - convince educated youngsters to donate sperm.

Before the film's release, sperm banks that put up stalls during talent evenings in medical, engineering and management institutes urging students to turn sperm donors and help a childless couple got little response.

Post the release of 'Vicky Donor', a romantic comedy based around the central these of sperm donation, youth are queuing up to do their bit at invitro fertilization (IVF) centres and sperm banks.


"The subject of sperm donation is no longer discussed in whispers. It is openly debated - an accepted option to help in a noble cause and earn some extra money," says Dr Himanshu Bavishi, fertility expert.

Anand-based surrogacy and IVF specialist Dr Naina Patel says calls from youths wishing to donate sperm were rare till 'Vicky Donor' happened. "In the past two weeks, we have received innumerable mails and calls from educated youths," she says.

Sperm donors are offered anywhere between Rs 500 and Rs 3,500 per sample depending upon their eligibility criteria and specific demands of couples. Guidelines permit a man to donate sperms 85 times in their lifetime.

Experts, however, say sperm donation is more technical than is essayed in the movie.

"The sample is taken and incubated for six-odd months. Tests for all infections are carried out to rule out infections like HIV. It is only after these formalities that the sample is used. Moreover, remuneration is also not all that handsome as the young may believe," says Bavishi. 


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