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Method: This is a topsy-turvy pose in which you stand on your head. Kneel on the ground. Bend forward and place your arms on the ground at right angles to each other with fingers interlocked. Place your head in your palms and raise the legs slowly till you are balanced vertically on your head. Remain in this position for half to one minute to start with and slowly increase it to 5 or 10 minutes after some months.
Benefits:  This is called the king of asanas. Sirshaasana invigorates energies and vivifies. It is a powerful blood purifier. It cures all diseases of the liver, spleen, lungs and the genito-urinary system. In gradually cures colic, deafness, diabetes, piles, pyorrhea and constipation. The digestive power will improve. It is best suited for ladies also (Should not be practiced during monthly periods and pregnancy). Many uterine and ovarine diseases are cured. Sterility disappears . Memory improves admirably. Eye-sight improves. Grey hair disappears.
Spinal chord and spinal nerve roots receive an abundant supply of blood. Sexual energy is increased. Nerves of the body are energized, invigorated and galvanized. Many incurable diseases are cured by the regular practice of this asana. In the beginning you may, if required, start this asana by leaning your legs against a wall until you are able to get independent balance.

Sirshaasana should not generally be practiced after the age of fifty years unless you had practiced it before, in which case it can be practiced at any age after fifty also.


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