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Method: Lie on your back; then raise the legs slowly together till they are pointing vertically upwards and you are balanced on your shoulders. Place the hands on the hips and use them as support as you raise your legs. Press the chin against the chest to form the chin-lock. Retain this pose for one minute to start with and gradually increase it to 10, 20 or 30 minutes in due course.
Benefits: Just as Sirshaasana is intended to come up the whole system, this easy and wonderful asana is intended to promote the secretion of the thyroids and through it the whole body and all its functions.  Healthy thyroid means healthy functioning of the circulatory, respiratory and genito-urinary system of the whole body. ‘Sarvaang’ means ‘all parts of the body’. It is one of the unique poses which rejuvenate the whole system. If practiced regularly for a year or two, it will cure leprosy. The patient will have to live mostly on fruits during this treatment. This asana keeps back the ravages of old age. It cures dyspepsia, constipation, appendicitis, gastrointestinal disorders and varicose veins. Nerve roots receive an enormous supply of blood. It keeps the spine quite elastic which means everlasting youth. It prevents the bones from early ossification (hardening). Sarvaangaasana awakens Kundalini and augments the digestive power. It is better to practice this asana twice daily (morning and evening). Immediately after performing this asana, you will have to practice Matsyaasana to drive full benefit from it.


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