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How to perform Halasana

Lie on your back inhale to your fullest and lift your legs and trunk first to 30 degree, then 60 degree and finally 90 degree just as in sarvangasana, then take your legs back of your head making it 120 degree and beyond, this process should be done while exhalaling. Now rest the toes on the ground behind the head and breath normally, you can use hands on the back for support but ideally both in sarvangasana and halasana hands should be on flooe, palms touching the floor. When acquiring the posture of halasana the legs should be at 30 degree from the floor. Same process is done in reverse order while returning to normal position.

Benefits of halasana

As mentioned above being in the same category of sarvangasana it hepls in curing overweight and obesity by activating thyroid gland and increases height by activating pitutary glands. Halasana also activates pancreas thus control diabetes from all corners. Halasana is very much beneficial for those who have chronic constipation, indigestion, gas formation.

Halasana has been beneficial in curbing liver diseases and even some heart diseases. It increases blood circulation in spleen thus helpful in developing immune system.

As mentioned the back muscle are exercised in halasana providing flexibility to the body and spine.

In females halasana is very much helpful for menstrual and gynaecological disorders like dysfunctional uterine bleeding, painful menstruation etc.

Precautions for halasana

Person having hypertension or any cervical or spinal problem like slip disc or tuberculosis of spine called caies spine, spondylitis etc should not perform halasana.

Halasana is also prohibited in person having enlarged spleen or liver due to any cause like malaria or hepatitis.


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