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 If you are looking for a way to express your love, turn to art.  A New York-based artist has been inviting amorous couples to make creative magic on his canvas by covering themselves in paint and letting their impulses get the better of them.  Alexander Esguerra leaves the couples in a completely private setting - no Andy Warhol-style voyeurism here - with low-lighting, candles and even a heated canvas.
 'Love is a powerful creative force,' says the 30 year-old, who came up with the idea after a night of passion.  'I woke up one morning after a sexual encounter and my normally organized room was a mess," he told   News.  'I wanted to artistically capture those moments through the act of sex that our bodies interacted and affected the space around us without bringing in that whole played-out porn spiel.'  Nearly fifty couples have been inspired to sign up for the project.
  Regardless of race, gender, culture, or sexual identity, sex is the great equalizer - the common source of birth, pleasure and union.  While each sexual encounter is truly inimitable, the experience itself is inherently universal.  We are all equal when it comes to the act of love. These expressions of passion and adoration can only exist in one singular moment, never to be exactly replicated or fully relived.  They cover themselves in non-toxic, water-based paint and set up the canvas on a floor covered in plastic.
There's nothing smutty about it.  'I tell them to take the paint, lay on top of the canvas and pour it on each other. Look in your partner's eyes and make love as you would normally.'  Any one can take part.  'Sex is basically the great equaliser,' said Mr Esguerra.  The project has become so popular with his friends and customers that Mr Esguerra has turned it into a business.   He now sells 'Love and Paint' experiences, where the couple will create the art in a luxury hotel, packages - including ample body paint, of course, start at $2,500.  Mr Esguerra is now preparing for his seventh exhibition of Love and Paint, launching next Tuesday at famously wild New York nightclub, The Box.


 Hailing from a lineage of designers and fine artists, Alexander Esguerra has had a gift for the arts since a young age.  Esguerra has nurtured his creative talents in a dynamic career in graphic, fashion, illustration, interior, and product design. In his most recent pursuit, Love & Paint, Esguerra has expanded his artistic endeavor to the realm of experiential art.  Alex was born in the Central Coast of California and subsequently raised in New York.  At 18-years-old he enlisted in the United States Air Force, Alex began his education at the Product Design department at Parsons the New School for Design.
 He graduated amongst the top of his class and received several awards for his senior thesis designs.  At the moment, Esguerra is immersed in his new venture, Love & Paint.  Through this endeavor, he aims to destabilize preconceived prejudices and taboos surrounding sexuality.  In the future life of the project, Esguerra hopes to explore other mediums - museum shows, a documentary, and even a book.  He plans to take his work internationally, inviting couples from all over the world to take part in the Love & Paint experience. In doing so, he wishes to illuminate the notion that, regardless of our race, gender, culture, or sexual identity, sex is the great equalizer - the common source of birth, pleasure and union.


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