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A woman whose £5million hands have starred in countless iconic TV adverts has revealed the cheap secret to her flawless pair costs £1.50.
Gemma Howorth, 27, whose hands have been used as doubles for supermodels Kate Moss and Lily Cole and starred in adverts for Fairy Liquid said she uses almond oil to keep her skin perfect.
The model's hands are so lucrative she has insured her elegant, long fingers, deep nail beds and blemish-free skin for £5million.
Miss Howorth revealed that while she earns £200 for two hours, £800 for an average day's work and even £2,500 a day for some photoshoots she uses cheap almond oil to keep her skin moisturised.
Despite trying more expensive treatments, she said she always goes back to the oil, which costs £1.50, and uses it up to 30 times a day.
Miss Howorth, who lives in Chelsea, London, said looking after her hands takes up a lot of her time and that some of her rituals leave onlookers confused.
She told  : 'I sunbathe with gloves on. I forgot the gloves once, and even with high-factor sun cream, I noticed tiny wrinkles developing on my hands.'
She also said that opening the fridge door could break a nail and rifling in her hand bag posed hidden dangers such as paper cuts.
Her hands have been featured in over 250 adverts worldwide including Fairy Liquid with it's former jingle 'Now hands that do dishes can feel as soft as your face...'
But she told the newspaper she doesn't often wash up herself.
She said: 'I can't remember the last time I washed anything without wearing gloves. It's really bad for your hands. I have a dishwasher, a cleaner and a husband.'
While her hands are insured for £5million she refused to talk in-depth about the premium.
She told the newspaper: 'I could claim on the insurance if I get a paper cut, depending on how bad it is. If I cut my hand I might not work for two weeks, and that could be thousands of pounds lost.
'There are clauses for things like broken wrists, and if one of my fingers gets chopped off, I get a very big payout.'


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